Hand massage is a simple therapy that has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for about four centuries. 

This is a safe practice that you can do to your own hands to relieve a lot of aches in the other parts of your body.  One important thing you should know before you give yourself and others a hand massage is to know the pressure points that correspond with the organ with a health issue.

Here are four massage techniques that you can do to relieve stress.  You can use any or all of these techniques in any one session.

1. Rubbing

This is a self-massaging technique that you can do to energize yourself and stimulate your major organs. 

You can do it by briskly rubbing your palms together for one or two minutes to warm them up and generate energy in them. After this, rub the back of each hand with the palm of your other hand for the same length of time.

2. Squeezing

Squeezing is done by using your thumb pad and the outside tip of your index finger to squeeze each finger and thumb of your other hand.  Apply firm but not painful pressure on each of your fingers, and with a caterpillar motion, squeeze each finger from base to tip.  Do this for two to three times in every session.

3. Pulling

With the use of your thumb pad and the outside tip of your index finger, hold the base of each finger and thumb of your other hand and pull each finger towards the tip.  Apply firm but bearable pressure with each pull.  Repeat the process two or three times in each session.

4. Pressing

With the use of a hand reflexology chart, locate the pressure points of your hands and press each point with the tip of your thumbnail.  Massage each point with small circular movements for about two minutes.  

If you are suffering from minor aches and stress, you can do hand massage which can help in stimulating your organs and promote circulation.  Do this once or twice a day for seven days. 

You should always remember that the hand massage regimen is not made to replace the treatment given by medical professionals.  You should seek professional advice if symptoms persist.

Hand massage is not applicable to pregnant women and people who may be suffering from potential surgical conditions such as appendicitis.

A copy of the hand reflexology chart is available at <a href='http://www.reflexology-research.com/handchart.html'>this site<a/>.


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