Health is a gift that everyone should nurture and treasure.  It is too good to be taken for granted.  It is an important part of life that sick people are willing to spend fortunes in their attempt to get well.

Prevention is better than cure.  It is critically important for us to live a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid certain factors that threaten to rob us of our good health.

There are actually four biggest health risk factors which are associated with our lifestyles.  We should avoid these in order to keep ourselves in top shape and enjoy the other gifts that life has in store for us.  These health risk factors are:

1. Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits that you can do to ruin your health.  Countless deaths could have been prevented had it not been for this destructive vice.  It is also one of the biggest causes of lung problems, cancer, heart attacks and strokes in the world. Smoking is addictive.  You should avoid getting hooked on this habit in order to get away from one of the biggest health risks which can lead to serious complications.

2. Obesity

Obesity is the second biggest cause of serious health problems like heart attacks and strokes.  Your chance of getting kidney ailments also increases as you become overweight.  It is very important that you keep your weight under check because it is a reflection of your lifestyle choice and eating habits.  There are a lot more of health problems which are associated with obesity.  Aside from the health risks it brings to you, it also lowers your self confidence and sense of well-being.  It has a physical and mental effect which can put you out of place.  You should avoid getting overweight as much as possible.

3. Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise or living a sedentary lifestyle is another factor which can contribute to a lot of health risks which could become serious if it is not addressed carefully.  People who lack exercise have weak muscles and poor immune system.  This makes them susceptible to injuries, infections and fatigue.  They have poor circulation, their heart muscles are lacking in strength and endurance and their artery walls have the tendency to accumulate cholesterol which can cause cardiovascular problems. 

Engaging in exercise is a healthy lifestyle choice.  It helps to keep you physically and mentally tough, it keeps your heart strong, it helps to cleanse your body from toxins and it gives you a sense of well-being and self-discipline that can help to keep you aware what's good for yourself.  Engaging in physical exercises for 45 minutes a day can do wonders for your health.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is another substance that you should avoid or take in moderation in order to live a healthy life.  Excessive alcohol intake is also addictive.  It affects your liver and it has also the power to alter your mood and mental condition.

These are the four biggest factors that can put your health at risk.  Avoid these and enjoy life.  Protect yourself from ailments which can deprive you of your happiness and fortune.


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