The fast pace of the modern world has made it a hectic place to live in.  While weekends are intended for our personal enjoyment, we can't still find time to relax.  Sometimes, we even find it difficult to live in the present because we are too busy preparing for the future.

Finding time to relax is essential for our health.  We need to refresh our minds and bodies to make them last longer.  Working too hard for the future can sometimes cost us the present.  This is the reason why we need to practice yoga.  It makes us aware of the present.  It makes us realize who we are today.  It makes us feel a sense of inner peace and it helps us to shed off the stress and anxiety that this world brings.

Yoga is a healthy, relaxing exercise for busy people.  But there are certain traits that you need to develop when you want to practice the exercise.  Here are the four basic traits that yoga beginners should have in order to succeed:

1. Peacefulness

The primary objective of yoga is to give peace to your mind and body.  You can't be physically and mentally relaxed if your mind dwells on unwanted thoughts while you exercise.  You should be willing to clear your mind from troubling thoughts when you practice yoga.  This will help to improve your focus which is an essential aspect of the exercise.

2. Willingness to learn

Yoga requires consistent practice to learn.  This involves different poses and meditation techniques which can make you self-conscious at times.  It is also easy to commit mistakes when you are still on the learning stage. 

You should have the willingness and persistence to learn if you are serious about practicing yoga.  Don't be embarrassed by your mistakes.  It will only make you too shy to practice. Learn from them instead.

3. Consistency

Consistency is the secret way to mastery.  It is very important that you dedicate time to practice the exercise on a regular basis.  Consistency enhances learning.  It is also an indication of your commitment. You should however try not to be too hard on yourself about it.  Yoga is actually more about loving yourself than being disciplined by it.

4. Awareness

One important point that you need to understand before practicing yoga is that it should keep you in touch with reality.  Yoga is a relaxation exercise but it does not require you to float in an imaginary world and get lost in it. 


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