Your hair is your crowning glory; it makes you beautiful and it makes you complete as a human being.  But there’s one thing that most people fear especially as we age, and that’s hair loss.

Baldness is a condition which is hard to face although it is inevitable for some people due to their genetic makeup.  Hair is such a priceless jewel that we can’t afford to lose.  It is an essential part of our body and we desperately try to prevent or reverse the balding process at its very first sign.

For hundreds of years, man has not stopped to find ways to keep the beautiful locks of hair above his head.  One of the things he has discovered is that hair loss can be prevented by eating specific foods.  Here are some foods that can help to prevent hair loss:

1. Fish

Hair is made up of protein and protein is its most important nutrient.  Sea foods are the best food sources of hair nourishing protein.  These include mackerel, tuna, salmon and cod.  These foods are good for your hair because they are not high in fat.  While other foods such as red meat and chicken are high in protein, they are not as effective as protein-rich sea foods in preventing hair loss because they contain fat.  Fat increases testosterone levels in the body and high testosterone levels are linked to baldness.

2. Eggs and Dairy Products

Eggs and dairy products are also excellent sources of protein.  You just have to be aware of the fat that some of them contain as these cannot work well with your hair loss prevention program.  These food products are also rich in vitamin A which your body needs to produce sebum, the oil that lubricates your skin and hair.

3. Beans

Beans are excellent food sources of protein and vitamin E.  Its protein content helps to nourish your hair while its vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help to improve circulation in the scalp.

4. Whole Grains

Whole grains are loaded with vitamin B7 which is known to prevent gray hair and hair loss.

5. Poultry

Poultry products which are rich in protein and low in fat can be good in preventing baldness.  Poultry foods also contain vitamin B3 which help to stimulate circulation in the scalp.

6. Vitamin C rich fruits

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant which helps to keep your skin and hair healthy and well-nourished.  It also helps to facilitate the body’s absorption of iron which is an important mineral in preventing hair loss.

Fruits rich in vitamin C include oranges, strawberries and cantaloupes.  You can eat them regularly to prevent hair loss.

7. Carrots and dark green vegetables

Carrots and dark green vegetables which are loaded with vitamins A and C are good for preventing hair loss because the help your body to produce sebum, the oil which keeps your hair shiny and healthy. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps to keep your scalp in good health.