Your health is of paramount importance.  You should take good care of yourself in order to be at your best all the time.  Getting sick is a part of life.  You should be able to arrest any ailment at its onset.  But the first thing you need to know is to be able to read the signs.

Here are five warning signs that you need to address at once:

1. Severe head pain

If you suddenly feel terrible head pain without migraine symptoms such as visual aura, you should act on it at once because it could be a sign of brain aneurysm.  In many cases, brain aneurysm is not detected.  The excruciating headache only happens when a blood vessel leaks, causing the escaping blood to cover the surrounding tissue and block the oxygen supply of the affected area.

If this happens to you or anyone you know, you should call 911 or any emergency hotline in your area at once.

2. Throbbing tooth

An aching or throbbing tooth is an indication that its nerve is damaged because the tooth is decayed.  You have to see your dentist to administer antibiotics and have the rotten portion of your tooth patched up.  Failure to address this problem will cause further damage to your tooth nerve because the cavity becomes a breeding place for bacteria which could invade the other parts of your system.

If the nerve is severely infected, a root canal is its most likely solution.

3. Sharp pain in your right side

If you feel a stabbing pain in your right side which goes on for hours or days, you've got to see your doctor to check for you might have appendicitis.  This happens when fecal matter obstructs your appendix and the ensuing infection causes your appendix to be inflamed.  This is very painful and can only be relieved by removing the inflamed part through surgery.

4. Passing chest pain

Feeling chest pain on certain occasions can be a case of heartburn.  But if you think you are at a risk of getting heart problems and you feel that your chest is being squeezed and you're feeling fatigue and pain in the throat, you should call your emergency hotline at once for this could be a sign of a heart attack.

5. Abdominal and gas pains that go on for days

If you are a woman and you feel abdominal and gas pains for days and your menstrual period is still way ahead, you should take time to see your gynecologist.  Bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain and lack or loss of appetite that go on for more than two weeks are early signs of ovarian cancer.  You address these symptoms quickly especially if you have a family history of ovarian or breast cancer.


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