Colds are simple infections which are not actually serious, but they are the most common energy sappers anywhere in the world.  It is also highly contagious that it is easy to get colds anywhere. 

Despite the advancement of science and medicine, no one has yet found a cure for this "simple" infection.  The real cure for this lies in your body's ability to fight the organism that caused it, but it takes at least seven days for the body to completely eliminate the infection.

In order to help the body in its fight against common colds, many ways have been formulated to boost the body's healing process.

Here are the top five natural ways to fight common colds:

1. Drink Herbal teas

Drinking hot herbal teas in a regular basis helps to boost the immune system.  Echinacea, ginseng, golden seal, eucalyptus and ginger are believed to contain immune-boosting properties which help the body in fending off common cold symptoms.  But you need to avoid teas which are high in caffeine because they can cause dehydration; this can make your cold even worse.

2. Eat lots of fruits and drink logs of fruit juice

Your immune system is your best line of defense against common infections such as common colds, and one of the best ways to nourish it is to consume lots of fruits and fruit juices which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Sip soups

Sipping light soups is one of the best ways to ease the inflammation of the bronchial tubes caused by common colds. Light soups are also rich in vitamins which can help to nourish your immune system.  Help your body break free from cold symptoms and nasal blockages by sipping warm light soups laced with plenty of pepper.

4. Eat spicy foods

Foods which are blended with plenty of spices such as chili pepper, garlic or ginger can help to ease the congestion of your nasal passages.  Eating foods with have plenty of spices can also help to protect you from the effects of certain substances which cause inflammation in your body.

5. Steam and humidity

Steam and humidity are two factors that help to eliminate common cold viruses which thrive on dry air.

If you have a humidifier in your room, you can actually use it to add a little bit of moisture in the air to kill cold viruses.  Another method of fighting off common cold viruses is by simply placing a bowl of hot water below your head a few times a day. The heat and the moist air that enters your nasal passages will eliminate the viruses that cause common colds.


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