Although the world today has become hi-tech and automated, many people have becoming sleep-deprived, overstretched and physically and mentally drained they resort to drugs to find false energy to keep them going.

But this doesn’t last for long because the body would always asks for a time to rest and recharge, otherwise it will be forced to stop and everything comes to an end.

That “always tired” feeling and sluggishness that’s putting you down is caused by the constant draining of your energy due to the physical and mental stress brought to you by the modern world.  It affects your concentration, performance and overall output.

In order to find a way around the situation, good rest and eating healthy foods is recommended as the first approach in order to make you recover and recharge yourself with energy.

You can then summon your energy by doing two simple energy boosting exercises that last for only 60 seconds each.

The first exercise requires you to stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees relaxed.  Swing your arms to the right then to the left while freely moving your shoulders and hips.  Twist your upper body and let your arms relax and move freely.   Do this for at least a minute and go on if you feel that there’s a need to do more.

The second exercise requires you to rock your tailbone and your pelvis forward and backward for at least one minute.

You should feel energy rushing out of your system after engaging in any of these two exercises.

Get Some Sunlight

Getting some sunlight for a few minutes each day will fill you up with Vitamin D which your body needs to keep your energy levels at their peak.  For your additional information, lack of sunshine is one reason why people get depressed at times.

You can also go out for a walk outside, or open your blinds to get some exposure from the sun.  But going out and simply looking at the world around you while getting some sunlight will have some soothing and recharging effect.  It’s a good exercise too.


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