Anywhere we are in the world, energy is a necessity for us in our daily encounters as we strive to live normal lives. But there are times when energy just seems to be missing and it makes us wonder where and how was it spent.  Here are some tips to help you find the energy that you’ve wanted to stay all day.

1. Know your moments of energy highs and lows

A predictable energy body clock is fitted within you and it lets you know the times of day when your energy is at its peak or at its lowest.   You can actually use these to your advantage by simply knowing them.

A person’s energy level is low in the morning as he wakes up and it reaches its peak late in the morning to early afternoon.  It normally decreases in the late afternoon and it tends to rise again in the evening before going down to its lowest point later to make you ready for bed.

Schedule your activities according to your moments of energy highs and lows.  During your times of energy lows, you can take on tasks that are easy and work on the harder ones when your energy is at its peak, which usually comes late in the morning.

You can also energize yourself up late in the afternoons when your body tends to drop, by eating energy giving foods like fruits.  A brief brisk walk also helps to restore your waning energy during these times.

2. Energize yourself with music

Music is an energizer that tunes us in for an adrenalin rush.  Set yourself to a positive mood with the kind of music that lifts you up, especially the kind of sounds that remind you of pleasant times.

3. Socialize

Social life makes both men and women feel energized.  People who open up their lives to others have more energy than those who keep their problems to themselves.

If you feel that you are down and your energy is low, try to contact a friend who can encourage you and lift your energy up.

Try Chinese or Eastern energy boosters

Acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu are among the approaches that Chinese or Eastern medicine practitioners do to restore the balance of energy in the body.  They do these to eliminate the factors that might have blocked the flow of energy, believing that our health revolves around the balance of energy flow in the body.

Acupuncture is a Chinese form of alternative medicine that is done by the insertion of hypodermic needles into the skin to eliminate energy blocks that prevent the flow of energy into the body.  Accupressure is done by applying pressure on specific areas for the same purpose.

Shiatsu is a process of applying pressure along the body’s energy channels to relieve these from tension to clear it of energy blocks.

While these eastern therapies were known to make people feel better, these can also relieve pain because these processes allow the release of endorphins and reduce the secretion of adrenaline which causes stress.