Everyone strives to optimize his energy and get the best of what he does.  But there are times that, even in today's age of technology and automation, our energy is still wasted on people, things and situations.

In order to get the best of what our energy can give, we need to avoid known energy sappers that make us tired so that we can accomplish our daily tasks and still have some energy left to do things for ourselves and our families at the end of each day.

Here's some of the known energy sappers that you need to avoid in order to stay upbeat for the rest of your day:

1. Improper Diet, Lack of Exercise and Lack of Sleep

An improper diet, lack of the right exercise and lack of restful sleep are energy sappers that you need to give some serious consideration.  Aside from robbing your body of energy, they also deprive you of good health and well-being.  Proper Diet, Sufficient exercise and Enough Sleep are the most basic necessities that your body needs to make it healthy, vibrant and filled with vigor.

Eating enough alkaline-forming foods such as green leafy vegetables and almonds or taking one teaspoon of greens powder every morning mixed into juice or smoothie can fill you up with energy.

Avoid taking excess sugar as it causes your energy level to plummet.

Drink enough water everyday.

2. Worry

Worry is an energy sapper.  Avoid worrying about things, especially those which you don't control over.  Think too much on things that can cause distress robs us of the energy that we ought to spend elsewhere.

Stop thinking about failure and fill your mind with thoughts of success instead.

3. Negative People
Allowing people with negative thoughts and attitudes to get into our lives lowers our energy. Do not allow these people to influence your life with their negative ways by limiting your contact with them or by avoiding them.

4. Distractions

Distractions such as telephone, e-mail, MP3 players or blogs are things that can drain you of energy if it catches your attention; away from the task you plan to accomplish.  The arrival of unexpected visitors also cause us to slow down, taking away some of the energy that we need in order to accomplish specific tasks at a specified time.

5. Trying to Please Everyone

The only way to spare yourself from energy-sapping factors is to take control of your self.  Learn to say no when you need to, be definite with your objectives for the day, spend your energy on the tasks you want to accomplish and avoid people or circumstances that unnecessarily drain you of your power to deliver.


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