The golden sun healing is a process of guided visualization or meditation for healing and energy.  The golden sun is the symbol of unlimited energy.  Many people who need a quick energy boost turn to the golden sun to energize their body, mind and spirit.

If you are curious about how the golden sun healing can lift your energy, here's how you should do it:

1. Take note that this exercise needs a place where you can be free from any and all distractions.  The great outdoors where there is some sunlight is the ideal place for this exercise, but if it it's not possible, any quiet place would be alright.

2. Stand and face the sun, especially if you are doing it outdoors. But if you are indoors, you should face either east or west. 

Close your eyes and imagine that the sun is above you and emitting its rays in all directions.  Focus on this state and slowly raise your arms to head level then bend your arms and turn your palms so that they will face upward.

3. Slightly tilt your face upward.  Envision yourself with the sun giving warmth to your entire body.

4. Now, picture yourself being engulfed by the rays of the sun as it gets closer to your body.  Focus on the heat that the sun is emitting towards the center of your body.

5. Breathe deeply and picture yourself breathing in the sun's energy into every part and particle of your entire body.

6. Slowly lower your arms now but keep your palms open.  Let your arms rest on your sides.  You should continue to breathe deeply but release the air slowly.  Imagine the sun leaving your body slowly as it rises up into the sky.

7. Imagine that your body is glowing from the inside with the sun's energy.  Feel the energy spreading outward and picture yourself radiating and glowing with it.

Envision that the energy that emanates from your body is illuminating everything around you.  Now, open your eyes and visualize that everything around you is radiating with energy from the golden sun. 

8. Close your eyes and imagine your body getting back the energy from your surroundings.  Feel its warmth and allow the energy to fill your body, mind and spirit.

9. Open your eyes now and take deep, even breaths.  You should feel refreshed and energized by now. The golden sun has just given it to you.


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