“Energize Me Now” – 88 Tips to Supercharge Your Energy Levels Now

“Are You Tired of Feeling Worn Out and Tired?”

88 Secrets To Having Tons of Energy and Feeling GREAT… Even If You’re
Stuck Behind a Desk All Day


Imagine if you could increase your energy this week and DOUBLE your energy THIS MONTH…

Instead of feeling tired and sluggish…

…instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee to try to get your brain in gear…

…you feel so energized you’re like a human dynamo!


In fact, can you remember a time when you were UNSTOPPABLE?

You could feel your energy bubbling over into excitement just because it was a new day with new possibilities.

Can you remember what that felt like?

Do you recall how blissfully happy you were?

Incredibly, nothing could get you down for long because you had the energy to overcome any obstacle.

Nothing stood in your way.

You were loving life, looking great,
feeling amazing and life was truly good!

But somewhere along the way things changed, didn’t they?

You don’t have the energy you used to have.

Surprisingly, you don’t remember when your energy started going away.

You just know that it’s harder now to get through the day.

Everything seems like more work because you’re just too tired to get enthusiastic about much of anything.

So what happened to you???

And how can you recapture that zest, that zeal, that unstoppable energy that made life worth living?

Energy drinks won’t do it. They just give you a jolt and then leave you hanging.


More sleep doesn’t seem to help.

And thinking positive isn’t doing it, either.

That’s because it’s not just one thing making you tired…

…it’s an entire invisible army of energy – zappers simultaneously working against you!

And the worst part?

You don’t even know what half of them are.

That’s why after exhaustive (pun intended 🙂 research we’ve compiled 51 of the very best methods to get you feeling like your old energetic self almost immediately.

In fact, not only will you be getting your old energy back, you may even begin feeling better than you every have in your life!

Nothing complicated here. No rocket science.

And no pages filled with fluff, either.

Just hard hitting info that you can immediately put to use to…

FINALLY Get Your Energy
And Your Life
Back On Track Where It Belongs

In fact, in just minutes from now you will begin discovering technique after technique for having MORE energy, feeling great, looking amazing, and loving life from the moment you wake up until you fall into the most blissful sleep you’ve enjoyed in years.


As you quickly read tip after tip in “How to Have More Energy and Feel Great,” you’ll discover…


Quick Energy Tricks You’ll Love…


  • The 5 second energy trick that’s better than coffee and faster, too

  • How to feel instantly invigorated during those long winter days


  • What to apply to your skin to feel incredible

  • How to awaken your senses, lift your mood and feel energized anytime


  • The polar bear style of energy enhancement that helps you lose weight, too

  • The drug-free way to go from sleepy to grinning ear to ear

Energy Potions That Are GOOD For You…


  • 5 herbs that create a wonderful tasting energizing tea – you’ll feel great without the side-effects of caffeine

  • 2 energizing scents that are so powerful, businesses pipe them into offices to energize employees


  • The scent trick that aids your memory – great for students and business people

  • How to make your cardiovascular system stronger while energizing your body with this strange sounding herb


  • The 10 cent solution to feeling great

  • Scents that not only energize, they also cause you to burn more calories, too


  • The special mushroom-like substance used to treat exhaustion, feeling rundown and weak, and aging. And it even boosts your sex drive!

  • A common substance that increases energy levels, lowers cholesterol, balances metabolism, stimulates the immune system, alleviates fatigue, and enhances your feeling of well being, plus many other benefits. And it’s extremely affordable, too


  • Caffeine – the Good, the Bad, the UGLY and what you need to know before it’s too late

What You’re Lacking Does Hurt You (And Make You Tired)…


  • A major but often over-looked cause of fatigue and headaches

  • How to flush out toxins from your body, leaving you with more energy, less fatigue, and better working organs


  • How to look and feel better within DAYS by just doing this one thing

  • How to get sick less often and recuperate faster if you do catch a bug


  • How to lose weight by following this one simple trick

  • How to think better, increase your stamina and get younger looking skin


  • The one beverage that’s energizing, refreshing, and is GOOD for you

Eating For Maximum Energy…


  • Are you a dieter? WARNING: You’re sabotaging yourself more than you even suspect – here’s what to do INSTEAD (Diets are NASTY!)

  • How to tell if an eating plan is all WRONG for you


  • Want a candy bar? Do THIS instead.

  • The diet advice you hear everywhere that is dumbing you down and making you into a tired couch potato


  • The Happy Brain Foods that not only give you more energy, they also put you in a better mood, too

  • Who says you should save dessert for last? Try this trick and you’ll not only feel better – you’ll eat less dinner, too


  • The inexpensive juice that packs a powerful energy punch, plus it tastes great!

  • The simple change in your breakfast that can give you energy all day long


  • How to get the nutrition of 2.2 pounds of vegetables in one little drink

  • One of the most incredible products of this decade that improves stamina, sexual energy, clarity of thought, and reduces addiction to things that are bad for you


  • The $1 trick to losing weight and feeling great

Stop Poisoning Yourself…


  • Employ a zero tolerance policy for this stuff and watch your energy increase day by day

  • The 7 poisons you’re almost certainly eating that are robbing you of your health (and your energy)


  • The simple method that prevents you from being tempted by junk food of all kinds

  • 10 second visualization exercise that immediately eliminates cravings for your favorite junk foods


  • The American diet staple that has been OUTLAWED throughout Europe as a POISON – eat this at your own risk

  • WARNING: The FDA has approved a poisonous plastic to be added to thousands of different foods – odds are you are ingesting this daily if not several times per day, and it’s KILLING people

Doing It In The Dark…


  • A lack of this activity slows down your metabolism by 40% and makes you LETHARGIC

  • The technique some people swear by, others just swear when it’s imposed upon them, but everyone should give this a try for themselves


  • 8 different herbs and vitamins that can each – when taken before bed – can make you feel great when you wake up in the morning

  • Why you should consider “going virgin” – perhaps permanently


  • So tired you can barely stay awake? Here’s the 10 minute incredible transformation that will make your body think you just slept for 8 hours


Less Fluff and More Buff…


  • Think you’re gaining weight because you’re eating too much? Guess again!

  • Weird but true… the COLOR of your plate helps determine how much you eat. Buy new plates and you’ll automatically be LESS hungry at meal time


  • Instead of focusing on cutting calories, do THIS instead (you’ll feel better and you won’t be hungry)

Just imagine how powerful you’ll
feel when you have more than enough energy to accomplish all that you want
to do

You get things done faster, with less stress and more enjoyment.

You feel a special exhilaration in all that you do.


You’re running rings around people younger than you – and at the end of the day, instead of feeling exhausted and crashing in front of the TV – you’re ready to go out and have fun.

It’s the new you – the you who’s laughing at how much you enjoy life now that you’ve got the energy to live it!

It’s the you who not only meets deadlines, you BEAT deadlines with plenty of time to spare.

You’re doing more of what you want to do,
accomplishing more of what you want to get done and enjoying life more than ever!

You’re loving life, and it shows.

When people ask what you’re doing differently, you just grin and keep moving.

Isn’t life GREAT when you’ve got the energy to live it as you choose, on your own terms?


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