Acne is a problem that has bothered people for ages.  Many ways had been formulated to combat it, but most of them focus only on the external aspect of the treatment.

Contrary to what many people believe, acne treatment is more effective if it is done from the inside out.  The growth of acne on your skin is just an indication that your skin needs nourishment from the inside.  Your skin needs its share of nourishment to enable it to cleanse itself.

Many people have spent large amounts of money to buy skin care products, but they lack the consciousness to make their skin healthy because it is contrary to their lifestyle.  But acne can actually be cleared by eating foods that help to nourish and keep your skin aglow with health.

One of the best foods that can help to give you a healthy skin clear of acne is the green smoothie.

Green smoothies are shakes which are produced by blending raw green leafy vegetables with fruit, water or ice.  The most common ratio in a green smoothie is 60 percent fruit and 40 percent leafy greens.

Green smoothies are good not just for your skin but for the overall health of your body.  It contains essential nutrients that your body can easily digest without expending much of your energy.  An added bonus that eating green smoothies gives your body is, the greens become more nutritious than when you just plainly chew them.

Here are the nutrients that make the green smoothie a powerful acne cleansing food:

1. Chlorophyll

This is a powerful substance that works by eliminating toxins from your blood.   It can also improve your cell metabolism as well as it helps to speed up the healing process.
2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a substance that your body needs to rebuild worn out connective tissues.

3. Sulfur

This powerful acne fighter is abundant in leafy greens. It is essential in giving you balanced pH levels.  It is also an effective infection fighter.

4. Vitamin K

This vitamin is the agent that works to give you a wonderful skin tone.  It also helps to reduce ugly scars and red marks left by acne.

5. Trace minerals

Trace minerals are micronutrients that your body uses to activate enzymes, sustain cellular activity, and absorb and utilize other minerals. These micronutrients, which come from fresh fruits and vegetables, are essential to the overall health of your body.


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