Many people decided to practice yoga because they believe that it is the best natural way to beat stress.

True enough, yoga exercises can really make you feel good inside and out.  This is because yoga poses help to stimulate your body to produce endorphins, the chemical that is responsible for giving you the feeling of natural high.

But there are instances when you just cannot indulge in the practice because of time constraints.  When your schedule is so hectic, your yoga sessions are sometimes put aside.  Stressful conditions begin to pile up and your need to de-stress yourself makes you feel more sorry for yourself because time is not on your side.

There is always a solution to every problem. You don’t actually need to neglect your yoga sessions due to time limitations. There’s way to do it without the need to disrupt your hectic daily activities.  Here’s some easy morning yoga poses that can help to relieve your stress and renew your energy:

1. The Sun salutation.

One of the good things that yoga can bring to your body is its ability to stretch your spine.  Experience this benefit early in the morning as you rise up from your bed by doing the Sun Salutation.  It has a series of postures which are light and simple, and you can do it for five to ten minutes.  Repeat the process as many times as you can.  After you do the exercise, sit on a comfortable chair or lie on a yoga mat for a few minutes to relax.

For tips on how to do the Sun Salutation, go to

2. Yoga in Bed.

If you feel like you’ve ran out of energy to perform yoga, there is a way for you to do it in bed in order to bring vitality back to your body.  Just make sure that you have a firm bed when you do these.  You also need to breathe normally through your nose when you perform the poses.  If you feel pain in a certain position, you need to change it at once.

3.1 Lie on your back with both arms on your sides.  Move your right leg to your left and pull your right big toe with your left hand.  Bend your knees if necessary.  Stay in that position for 18 to 30 seconds.  This will give you a good stretch in your back and hamstrings.  After this, switch to your left and repeat the process.

3.2 After doing the first pose, remain lying on your back with your arms on your sides.  Bend your knees, hold your ankles and raise your buttocks.  Stay in this pose for another 18 to 30 seconds.

3.3 With hands on both sides of your chest, lay flat on your stomach and push yourself up with your hips pressed on the bed.  Remain in this position for 18 to 30 seconds.

3.4 After those energy-giving poses, you will now be able to sit on your bed.  Open your legs as wide as you can and bend one leg for 18 to 30 seconds.  Do the same with your other leg.

3.5 Perform the spinal twist for 18 to 30 seconds.  Do this while you are still sitting on your bed.

3.6 This pose is done on an exhale. After the spinal twist, bend one of your legs with its heel near your groin.  Bend your hips forward and hold that position for 30 counts. Repeat the process on your other side.

3.7 Do one or two more rounds of Sun Salutation if your time permits.

3.8 Relax by lying on your back for at least two minutes.

These are the simple yoga poses that you can do in the everyday for renewed energy.  Do these for 10 to 15 minutes every morning as you wake up, these can help to relieve you from stress and make you ready for the day ahead.