You might be surprised, but drinking a glass of warm water laced with the juice of the common, cheap and often ignored lemon or lime fruit each morning can help to boost your health and energy.

Yes, drinking a glass of warm, unsweetened and fluoride-free water blended with the juice of fresh lemon or lime as a daily pre-breakfast routine is actually good for your liver and gastro-intestinal tract.

Pour pre-heated water into a glass until it is half-full. Get a lime or lemon fruit and extract its juice into the glass of water, then drink it.  Do this everyday at least an hour before you take your first meal the morning.  This will help to make your liver and your entire digestive system function normally from the first hour of your day.

Here are the reasons why drinking warm, lemon-laced water is beneficial to your health:

1. It helps to cleanse and stimulate your liver because it has the ability to liquefy bile and regulate bile flow;

2. It helps to lessen your body’s energy requirement for its digestion process because the atomic composition of warm lime or lemon water is similar to your saliva and the acid that your body uses to digest food;

3. It stimulates your liver to produce more enzymes better than any other food;

4. The high potassium content of lemon or lime helps to minimize anxiety as well as it helps your brain to work at its optimum.  Low potassium level in the blood is one of the known causes of depression and anxiety.  Potassium is also necessary for the health or your heart.  Regularly drinking lemon or lime water can therefore do some health benefits to your heart;

5. Lemon and lime are also rich in calcium and magnesium.  These minerals are necessary for the body’s holistic health;

6. Drinking lemon and lime produces an alkalizing effect on the body which results in higher pH.  Health experts suggest that higher pH translates to resistance to diseases;

7. Lemon or lime water dilutes arthritic acid which causes arthritic pain or gout when accumulated;

8. It helps to maintain low blood pressure;

9. It helps to reduce phlegm in the body;

10. It helps to normalize bowel movement.