Many people apply aromatherapy for its calming effects, ability to relieve discomforts, and power to soothe and ease aching muscles and pains. It has plenty of therapeutic benefits but it can also cause adverse effects if you fail to follow certain guidelines on using them.

Here are the dos and don’ts of aromatherapy that you need to observe to avoid complications:


1. Educate yourself about aromatherapy.

It is very easy get into aromatherapy, but there are things you need to know for the sake of your own safety. You should get as much information about aromatherapy as you can. Some of these are available online. You can also read books about aromatherapy to make you well-aware of its effects and safety issues.

2. Select your sources of aromatherapy products.

You should keep a list of reliable sources of essential oils. This can help to ensure that you only get the best quality products for your own benefit. There are lots of aromatherapy product stores who assert that their essential oils are pure and natural even if those are not.

3. Pay close attention to the botanical name of the plant that is used to produce the essential oil.

Many essential oils are extracted from plants of the same family but of different varieties. These plants, though they come from the same family, produce essential oils of different quality, grade and aroma. For example, if you want to buy Bay essential oil, you should know the botanical name of its source, as this essential oil can come from Pimenta racemosa or Laurus nobilis.

4. Take note of the country of origin of your essential oil.

The country of origin of your essential oil can help to determine the quality and purity of the product you buy. When you buy essential oils, you should look for the country of origin in the label.

5. Store your essential oils in dark colored glasses.

Essential oils can be damaged by light. Placing them in dark colored glasses such as brown, black or cobalt blue can help to protect them from the damaging effects of light.

6. Be particular of the safety information of the essential oils you buy.

Safety should be you most important concern when you buy essential oils or aromatherapy products. You should pay close attention to the safety information of all essential oils you buy. This can help to protect you from side effects, interaction with medicinal products, and complications especially if you are pregnant or are having any medical condition.


1. Don’t use perfume oils for therapeutic purposes.

Perfume oils don’t have therapeutic properties. Perfume oils and essential oils are two different things which are intended for different uses.

2. Don’t buy essential oils with rubber dropper tops.

Pure essential oils will certainly damage rubber tops; they turn rubber into gum. This reaction can also ruin the purity of your essential oil.

3. Don’t buy essential oils from unreliable sources.

Street fairs, street vendors and craft shows are not reliable sources of essential oils. This does not mean that these vendors are selling poor quality oils. You just have to be cautious with them; you will have no recourse against them if something unpleasant happens later.

Aromatherapy is popular for its health benefits. But you should gather enough knowledge about it for your own safety and protection.


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