Beets are hardy biennial Euroasian plants that grow in temperate climates.  They are grown as a crop for their edible roots, which are rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamin C and betaine, a substance known to promote cardiovascular and liver health.

According to a study published by the American Heart Association journal, beetroot juice has the capability to reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Another study conducted by the Exeter University in UK suggests that drinking beetroot juice enhances stamina and physical endurance.

Several other studies also showed that betaine in beets effectively works to prevent liver diseases by preventing the buildup of fatty deposits due to alcohol abuse, diabetes and other causes.

The liver is a major organ that protects your body from harmful substances by acting as the body's cleanser and filter.  It is very important to note that you need to support your liver by periodically detoxifying it to optimize its health.

It is for this reason that beets are recommended to become a regular part of our diet in order to nourish our liver.  Beets are high anti-oxidant vegetables which have the ability to detoxify the liver.  They also contain fiber, betalins, iron, betaqcyanin, folate and betanin.

Many medical professionals recommend eating beets in the raw in order for the body to ingest them completely.  There are actually many ways to prepare beets.  But beet juice has its own benefits as it preserves the nutritional qualities of betaine which helps liver cells in getting rid of toxins and protects the liver and bile ducts from harmful substances.

Beets are known to lower inflammation in the body and allow the normal functioning of the systems.   It has other nutritional and curative qualities such as the prevention of the formation of LDL, and the prevention of the occurrences of some forms of cancer that affect the lungs, liver, skin, spleen and colon.  

These diseases are not directly related to the health of the liver, but the health of the other organs affect the ability of the liver to rid itself of toxins.

Health and nutrition experts recommend beets to be integrated into our daily diet in the form of juice, salads and other dishes.

The liver is our fist line of defense against toxins and harmful chemicals that can jeopardize our health.  We need to nourish it order to keep the other organs work at their optimum. 

If you are looking for a way to maintain the health of your liver and to enhance your overall energy, then you have to consider making beets as a regular part of your diet.


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