The liver is one of the most important parts of your body which works to protect you from toxins, fats and harmful substances.    It is responsible for the elimination of toxic wastes and the production of protein and substances which help in the metabolic process of your body.

Of all your major organs, the liver is most exposed to diseases and toxicity.  When your liver is affected by these harmful factors, its reaction is manifested through hypoglycemia, allergies, high cholesterol, constipation, anxiety, fatigue and light sensitivity.

You can help to detoxify your liver by juicing.  You can do it with the regular consumption of grapefruit and lemon juice.  Avoiding foods that can cause stress to your liver can also help to keep it healthy.  These include coffee, alcohol and fatty and spicy foods.

Here are the steps in preparing grapefruit and lemon juice:

1. Ingredients

1 Large organic grapefruit
2 organic lemons
1/2 tsp. powdered cayenne pepper
2 cloves fresh organic garlic
1 tsp. virgin olive oil
Organic fresh ginger root

2. Other things you’ll need

Kitchen knife
Cutting board
Coffee cup or glass

3. Procedure

3.1 Cut the fruits into halves and extract their juice by pressing their pulp side to the juicer.  Remove excess pulp and seeds from the juicing mechanism and transfer the fruit juice to a clean blender.

Use the handle of your kitchen knife to crush the cloves of garlic.  Remove the papery coating of the garlic and slice the cloves into tiny bits and put them into the blender.

3.3 Cut one inch off your ginger root and slice it into tiny bits with the use of the kitchen knife.  Add the minced ginger to the blender.

3.4 Put 1/2 tsp. powdered cayenne pepper into the blender with 1/2 tsp. of virgin olive oil.  This time, you need to close the lid of the blender and mix the ingredients until they blend into a thick liquid mixture.

3.5 You have just created a liver-detoxifying juice. Pour it into the glass or coffee cup and drink it two hours before breakfast.  Do this for 12 to 30 days.  You can also make a better liver detox by adding liver-boosting foods such as walnuts, mangoes and young coconuts to your ingredients.