Fatigue is a sign that your body and brain need to rest and recharge.  Rest is the best solution to eliminate tiredness.

But if you find yourself staying awake in bed all night without even feeling drowsy a bit and getting more tired, you’re in need of help definitely.

According to management experts, you’ve got to identify the problem in order to effectively solve it.  It goes the same with fatigue and loss of sleep.  These could not be your real problems; but these are mere manifestations of a deeper problem that lurks behind.  You’ve got to identify them, understand them and formulate a solution to have them eliminated from your life for good.

Here are some of the most common causes of fatigue and ways to resolve them:

1. Fatigue due to stress

Stress and anxiety which deprives you of your much need rest can cause fatigue.  Stress resulting from work, relationship, financial and other problems can rob you of your physical rest and peace of mind.  The first thing to do about this is to recognize the situations that cause your stress so you could avoid them.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals and demands from other people. Relax and share your trouble with a close friend or a loved one.  Better things will surely come along. Think positive.

2. Fatigue due to illness

Illness is a natural energy sapper.  It can surely take you down.  If you suffer fatigue even if you are properly rested and your diet is normal, you might be suffering from an illness.  You should go to your doctor for a routine checkup if this happens.

3. Fatigue due to overwork

Everyone has physical and mental limitations.  We need to take a break in order to recharge our batteries.  If you overwork on certain days, your body will make you pay for the lost energy at some other time especially if you don’t get enough rest.  Don’t burn yourself out with too much work.  There’s always plenty of work to do. Relax.  Let tomorrow take care of itself. If you burn yourself out with too much work today, you might not be here tomorrow to see the results.

4. Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a condition which won’t go away even with complete bed rest because it has underlying causes which need deeper understanding.

If you feel that your fatigue is associated with loss of energy and enthusiasm to perform your daily activities, or if other symptoms, such as muscle pain and loss of sleep persist for at least six months, chances are you have chronic fatigue syndrome.

In order to address these problems, the best thing you should do is to seek professional help for proper identification and management of your condition.