The world was made with many colors and our eyes were made to see them.  These all happened for a purpose, and one of them is to make this world beautiful, and our lives worth living.

Colors are everywhere and their impact on our lives couldn’t be underestimated.  Our nervous system was made to respond to stimuli and our choice of colors has a great influence on its responses.

Our eyes are made to see an estimated 7,000,000 different colors.

We may not be aware of it, but colors do affect our mood, energy level, performance, creativity and productivity.  Some colors and color combinations make us dizzy while some have healing or soothing effect in us.  These are among the reasons why colors play an important role in our lives.

One of the ways to get a meaningful life is to surround yourself with beautiful, vibrant colors; colors that energize, calm, soothe, induce creativity, productivity, or a happy mood.

Most people become productive when they are surrounded with the color blue for it’s a calming effect and power to raise a person’s feeling of well-being.

Several studies have shown that weightlifters in gyms painted in blue can lift heavier weights.  Nowadays, blue has also become a common color in businesses because of its perceived positive effect on the work of their employees.

The most emotionally intense of all colors is red, as it raises blood pressure and increases a person’s heart rate as well as his breathing.  But it is used by many restaurants as it stimulates appetite.

Yellow is the color that enhances concentration as well as it increases his metabolism speed.  Use of this color should, however be limited to accents because it can be overwhelming and it might induce stress instead.  Yellow is also known to stimulate a person’s overall sense of optimism.

Of all colors, green is the most gentle to the eye.  It also has a calming effect that stimulates the system to increase its blood histamine levels which translates to a reduced sensitivity to food allergies.  Green is also believed to strengthen our immune system by its stimulating effect on our antigens.

Orange, according to some observers, stays halfway between red, which triggers excitement, and yellow which induces optimism.  This is the best color to stimulate learning.

Brown is the color of the earth.  It promotes security as well as it makes a person relaxed.  This color also believed to reduce fatigue.