This is the second of a two-part series about building self-esteem.

Self-esteem is an important part of life because it is involved in many factors that revolve around us like the way we carry ourselves in our relationship with fellow individuals. 

A high self-esteem can be a source of energy, will power and confidence.  You should develop and nurture it because it is one of the things that can help to make you win the respect of other people.

Build Self-esteem by Taking Care of Your Body

You body represents your physical existence.  It is essential for us to honor, respect and recognize the importance of our bodies because it is the image that shows who we are.  We need to be grateful with it and take good care of it to make it respectable to people around us.

You should take good care of your body by nourishing it, keeping it clean, exercising it and giving it the rest it deserves.  These will help to give you energy, well-being, and positive mood that you need to boost your confidence. 

Here are some tips that can help you to take good care of your body:

1. Listen to your body.

Your body gives you natural signals to tell you what it wants.  If it wants fuel for energy, you will feel hungry.  It is a sign that you should eat some healthy foods to keep you up.

Your body will also let you know that it needs water by making you feel thirsty.  Your body is consists of 70 percent water.  You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated all the time.

Your body also tells you that something is not right by sending painful sensations for you to take action on. 

2. Take enough sleep.

Your body needs rest so that it can replenish the energy that it expended in your waking moments.  Your drowsy feeling is an indication that your body needs to rest. If sleep is difficult for you, it can be a sign of depression or some other problems that needs your immediate attention.  You should sleep for six to eight hours per night to make you feeling refreshed for each new day.

3. Exercise.

You need to exercise to maintain your health and well-being.  It helps to improve circulation, strengthen your muscles, improves stamina and makes you feel better about yourself.

4. Pamper yourself.

As a sign of gratitude for everything that your body has given you, you need to keep it clean all the time and pamper it every once in a while.

You should take a shower everyday to keep it clean and refreshed, especially after a long day of work. Brush your teeth, do your hair and nails to keep you feeling and smelling clean all over.  This will give an added boost to your self-confidence.  Treat your body to a healthy massage every once in a while.  You also need to submit yourself to a general physical checkup at least once a year.

Feeling good about yourself can help to build your self-esteem.  Your body is an integral part of yourself.  You should take good care of it, honor it, listen to it and respect its sanctity.  That's a sign of great self esteem.


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