This is the first of a two-part series on building self-esteem.

Self-esteem refers to a person's self-worth or personal value.  It is a state of mind which every individual carries for a lifetime. 

A high self-esteem can be a spring of emotional strength and energy.  People with a healthy sense of self-respect often radiate confidence, positive attitude and emotional stability.

Build Self-esteem by Managing Your Emotions

One of the factors that can lead to low self-esteem is your own personal relationship with people close to you, and it begins in the family.  If you are a sufferer of an abusive relationship, chances are you are also depressed, lacking in self confidence and struggling with suppressed emotions. 

You should not allow this to go on right here and now.  Your first step to achieving self-esteem starts with your own respect for yourself.  Show this to others and they will start to respect you for who you are.

Another thing that you need to do to achieve a healthy self-esteem is to make an honest evaluation of yourself.  This will help you to manage the areas that you need to take care of, especially your emotions.

A healthy self-esteem can give you the power to manage your emotions.  You should not suppress your emotions or allow them to overpower you because this can lead to feeling of self-disgust.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your emotions:

1. Acknowledge that emotions are normal, natural and every sane individual has them.  You should be open to your emotions and deal with them when they come.

2. Emotions can be painful at times and you need to acknowledge that reality. You should allow yourself to feel pain when it comes and release them at once.  There's no sense in suppressing emotions and allow them to haunt you for a lifetime.

3. Be honest with your feelings.  You don't have to rationalize or deny what you feel.  It's not the way to release them.

Many people try to hide "negative" feelings such as anger, believing that it is wrong.  You have to acknowledge to yourself that you are angry because that's the truth. Do not cover your feelings especially when people offend you.  Show them that you are worthy of their respect and they will give it to you.
4. Stop thinking negative thoughts.  You have to resist it if your mind tells you that you are stupid and can't do things right. Try to master the art of talking positively to yourself.  Instead of blaming yourself, analyze what it is that makes things difficult for you and take the appropriate action.  This will help to make you achieve positive results.

5. Learn from the experience of people who have successfully built their self-esteem.  This will inspire and empower you to radiate a positive outlook of yourself.  You can find their stories in self-help books.

6. Learn to meditate.  This will help to make you listen to your thoughts and emotions.

7. Be in the company of positive people who support and respect you.  This will be a big boost to your self-esteem.


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