The immune system is a system in your body which works to guard you from organisms that can cause infections.  We owe our protection from a host of diseases to our immune system. It has performed its job since antibiotics were discovered, and the best we can do to make it continue to protect us is by keeping it healthy.

Most people are already aware of the important role that the immune system plays in human lives.  This is one of the reasons why health experts have discovered many ways to keep it in top shape.  These include eating immunity boosting foods, sufficient rest, freedom from stress and exercise.

There are lots of exercises that help to enhance the immune system, and one of the most effective among them is associated with yoga.

This exercise is called sun in chest.  It is a breathing exercise that works to energize your body and boost your immune system naturally.  Sun in chest is also believed to improve the condition of people who are suffering from autoimmune diseases – if it is practiced several times a day for two months.

Here are the steps to perform sun in chest exercise:

1. Find a quiet, well-ventilated place where you can exercise comfortably.

2. Gently massage the center of your chest.  Now, activate your thymus gland by imagining that a bud of flower is slowly coming out of your chest as you do the massage.

3. Gently hit the center of your chest with a loose fist.  Continue to envision the bud and see it open.

4. The first three steps are mere preparations.  Now, it’s time to start the exercise.

5. Extend your arms forward with your palms touching each other then close your fists.

6. Start to make slow and deep inhalations through your nose while bringing your elbows close your body at the same time.  Open your chest well and bring your shoulder blades as close as you can.

7. Let the air that you breathed in stay inside your body and imagine a bright sun in the center of your chest.  You should feel the warmth and power of life as you envision the sun.

8. When you reach the point that you can no longer hold your breath, open your mouth and exhale through it.  Now bring your arms back to your starting position.

8. Repeat the process for five to fifteen minutes.

These are the steps that you should follow when performing the sun in chest breathing exercise.  According to yoga practitioners this is a powerful exercise that helps to enhance your energy and immune system.  You can perform it everyday for several times to address any problems you have with your immune system.