Positive thinking is a kind of mental attitude that reflect thoughts, words, or images that lead to success.  Synonymous with optimism, positive thinking is centered in the belief that one can achieve favorable results through optimistic thought processes.

Positive thinking is the mental attitude of looking at the brighter, rather than the darker side of things.

Some of the effects of positive thinking include improved health and better sense of well-being, higher chances of success, increased levels of energy and better interaction with other people.  These translate to good health, high self-esteem, less stress, and long life.

On the other hand, thinking negative thoughts, which spring from the notion that things, including life itself are difficult, affects a person’s sense of well-being, his self-esteem, outlook and his emotions.  These can lead to loss of energy which can affect even a person’s physical and emotional health.

Thinking positive is a choice you should make in order to stay energized and maintain good relationship with the people around you.  A positive outlook denotes hope as well as it manifests an aura that you are willing to work to realize what you believe in, rather than act in a resigned manner as if things are hopeless.

Positive thoughts radiate positive energy.

Avoid Negative Persons

Gossipers, complainers, pessimists and unhappy souls are just a few of the types of people that fill the long list of negative persons.

Negative persons are spoilers that just drain the energy out of you when you happen to come across them, even if you had started your day right.  Their negative energy is so infectious you can actually pick it up pretty quickly.

These might sound negative, but ignoring these people’s negativity may have little effect as they quickly influence the atmosphere with their presence.  Asking them to stop while explaining that it’s not them that you don’t like but their topic may also be taken negatively against you.  And changing the topic may not work as well because they could always find something bad about any topic; that is, if they’re that negative.

In short, the best thing to do when you come across an extremely negative person is to avoid them.

But you can try to do the first three options if you’re optimistic that you can influence them with your positive outlook.