Many people are looking everywhere for natural energy boosters and weight reducers.

In spite of the world’s rapid advancement of technology, the demand for energy in our daily lives continues to soar as the factors that bring stress multiply.

People want to be in touch with nature despite of the many developments of health and medical science.  This is one of the reasons why most people want to use herbal supplements because they want to enhance their energy naturally with the least side effects.

Here are some of the proven energy boosting herbs and supplements:

Digestive Herbs

Digestive herbs are herbs that stimulate the body’s digestive process and improve its metabolism, which often results in increased energy.

Ginger – it is a powerful herb commonly used by Chinese cooks which helps to maintain the body’s normal digestive process.  It also helps to facilitates blood flow to the digestive organs.

Turmeric – is an herb commonly used in curry dishes. It helps the body by protecting the liver which plays a big role in the body’s detoxification process.  It is also known to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome and gall bladder disorders.

Energy Boosting Herbs

Eleuthero – this herb is also known as Siberian ginseng.  This herb is popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it improves stamina and makes a person more resistant to external stress.  Eleuthera is also known to enhance the immune system and the body’s ability to recover.

Gotu Kola – this is an Indian herb that is used for its ability to work wonders to the brain’s function as well as it strengthens the tissues and blood vessels.  It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that the Indians relied upon for many years.

Maitake – comes from the family of the Chinese mushroom.  This herb is known to cure fatigue.  It also stimulates the immune system.

Another natural power booster is the bee pollen which is known to combat stress, prevent obesity as well as it helps the body maintain its normal digestive process.  Bee pollen is a superfood powered by 22 amino acids which go with vitamins and enzymes.



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