Exercise is a necessity to keep your body strong, healthy and full of energy.  But you need to do it the right way otherwise it will not be beneficial to your health and it can get in the way of your progress.

There are bad exercise habits that can be detrimental to your health.  You should be able to identify them so that you can avoid doing them at once.  These are:

1. Exercising on an empty stomach

This is one of the most common habits of fitness enthusiasts and people who are desperate to lose weight.  This is actually a practice that does more harm than good to your body.  It causes your blood sugar to drop to an absolute low and it can affect your performance.  It will also give you the tendency to overeat and defeat the purpose for your exercise. You should eat a small meal two to three hours before you exercise.

2. Missing warm-up exercises

Engaging immediately in rigorous exercises without doing warm-up sessions could be harmful to your muscles.  This is especially true if you are involved in strength training workouts such as boot camp exercises.  You need to prepare your muscles for these demanding workouts.  Some of the ways to warm your muscles up include walking, stationary biking, and light stairs climbing.  These should be done at least two minutes before you begin your workout.

3. Lack of focus and mental preparation

Focus is an important aspect of exercise.  You should keep your mind free and clear from distractions before you hit the gym.  Do not let stress or problems get in the way of your exercise regimen.  You should give your entire focus and attention to your workout to enjoy it and to avoid any accident that might cause injury to your muscles or joints.

4. Sitting still for too long between workouts

It is our normal desire to rest after each hard workout session.  But it does not mean that you should sit still for a long period between workouts.  Sitting down immediately after exercising causes your blood to flow directly to your muscles and this can lead to stiffness.  One good way to release fatigue is to stretch and avoid sitting down.  This can help to maintain circulation and restore your strength.

5. Unhealthy post-workout habits

Unhealthy post work-out habits such as taking energy drinks and caffeine are not uncommon among exercise enthusiasts.

You need to finish each workout session with health-giving habits.  Since most exercises cause you to sweat profusely, you need to drink water before, after and during each workout session to protect yourself from dehydration.  You also need to rest for a few days if you are too tired to go back to the gym after a workout session.


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