If you’ve been told that eating refined sugar somehow gives you energy, think again…

White sugar is actually an industrially processed chemical, not something that is found in nature. And no, it is not fit to be consumed by humans. And what about that so-called “brown sugar” that’s supposedly better for you than refined white sugar? That’s actually refined white sugar with molasses added to it for flavor and color. In no way, manner, shape, or form is it to be considered a “health food.”

On top of that, your own immune system treats refined white sugar as a toxic foreign agent because of its unnatural chemical structure, in addition to the industrial contaminants it contains from the refining process that it goes through. Now, we could go on and on about refined white sugar, but this stuff is so toxic and so bad for you that we want you to go investigate it for yourself. Google “refined white sugar” and spend 30 minutes reading about the chemicals that it contains, such as carbonic gas, sulphur dioxide, natrium bicarbonate, strontium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, and bone charcoal, not to mention that it’s colored with the highly toxic Ultramarine.

Also, be sure to read how sugar has an atomic density that puts it under the category of a poison. And don’t miss the part where it paralyzes your intestinal peristaltic functions and leads to the failure of your immune system. Oh yes, and you’ll find that your research gets especially exciting when you discover that white sugar also destroys brain cells and drops the power of your immune system by 50% for 24-48 hours after ingesting it.

And don’t miss reading about how it takes only hours for refined white sugar to destroy tooth enamel. Or how there is exactly 0 nutritional value in sugar or how the average person eats 130 pounds of refined sugar a year (that’s 35 teaspoons per DAY). It’s in nearly everything, including pickles, chicken soup, pork and beans, bread, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, mustard, relish, ketchup, jam, jelly, soda pop, yogurts, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, salad dressings, desserts… you’re hard-pressed to find products sold in the grocery section of major stores that don’t have refined sugar.

And if you have any doubt whether or not refined white sugar steals your energy and your health, know this: Refined white sugar is a POISON, plain and simple.

So what can you use instead of refined sugar? Unrefined sugar, honey, maltose, or any sweetener that comes from nature and hasn’t been “refined” or tampered with by people. And yes, the natural sweeteners do provide you with an energy boost when used in moderation.


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