Aromatherapy is an enjoyable and helpful occupation that anyone with deep enthusiasm can learn.

It is an ancient practice in the east that has recently gained popularity in the western part of the world.  It involves the use of essential oils to promote a person’s health and well-being.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from flowers, leaves, roots or stems of plants through distillation or steaming.  These oils, when diluted with carrier oils from vegetables can be massaged to a person’s aching body or muscles in order for that person to feel a soothing effect.

The aromas of certain types of essential oils are also known to have a calming effect on people suffering from stress or sleep disorder.

Some essential oils are known to possess antifungal or anti bacterial properties which can cure skin diseases, cuts and bruises.  There are also certain types of essential oils which are capable of healing coughs, fever, stomach pains, headache and other common physical discomforts.

But as a beginner in the practice of aromatherapy, the first thing you need to learn is to master its safety guidelines, as essential oils are highly concentrated and can be harmful if administered incorrectly.  One of the things you should consider is to dilute them with carrier oils before applying in order to avoid severe irritation to the skin of some individuals.

It is also worth knowing that essential oils can not be taken internally, all of them are flammable and not all essential oils are safe to use in aromatherapy.  These include camphor, horseradish and bitter almond.

As a beginner, you should only purchase your aromatherapy supplies from reputable sources.  It is only when you have gained enough experience, knowledge and familiarity with these materials that you may obtain them elsewhere.

Another thing you need to learn as an aspiring aromatherapy practitioner is the process of producing correct formulas.  In order to obtain this knowledge, you can refer to the internet or at stores that sell essential oils for recipes.

After learning all these, the next step you need to master are the ways of applying the aromas. The most common ways of applying aromatherapy are through aerial diffusion, direct inhalation or topical application.

Because of its natural ingredients, aromatherapy has become a popular alternative to address minor medical conditions.

Practicing aromatherapy is a rewarding occupation.  But it is good to obtain sufficient knowledge and a certificate before you do so. The best way to get this is to enroll in an aromatherapy home study course.




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