Headaches are energy sappers which can stop you right in the middle of any activity.  It can make you irritable, cause you to lose focus and literally bring you down.

Headaches are caused by changing blood pressures of the blood vessels in your brain.  Most of them are not fatal, but they have the power to spoil your day and adversely affect the mood and productivity of people around you.  You need to take headaches seriously otherwise its effects would take its toll on your career and your relationship with your friends and loved ones.

There are actually many ways to relieve headaches, but the most common one is self-massage.  It is an almost automatic thing that people do whenever they experience this condition.

Here are some of the ways to alleviate your headache with self-massage:

1. Relax

When a headache strikes you, the best thing that you need to do is to relax. If you are in the middle of something, leave it for another time.  Put yourself in the best comfortable position and take deep breaths to oxygenate the blood coming into your brain.  Move your head in all directions.  If there's a part that's feeling discomfort as you move your head, you should stop moving.

2. Apply massage

– Heat up your hands by rubbing them together in a brisk manner for about 30 seconds. 

– Close your eyes and gently press your eyelids with the thick part of your palm next to your wrist.

– As the warmth of your hands subsides, open your eyes and focus your sight on a distant object. 

– Anchor your fingers on your temple with your thumbs placed behind your ears. 

– Use your fingers to gently apply pressure on your forehead then move them slowly toward your temple, then loosen up.  Repeat this process until it makes you feel relieved or more relaxed.

These are the simple ways of applying self-massage which you can do to relieve you from headache.  You should take not however, that if your headache gets worse, you should stop because it could be an indication of another problem.  You also need to consult a medical professional if your headache persists.


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