Energy is very important to everyone, but not everyone's lifestyle has the capability to supply him with the energy he needs everyday.

Most often, lack of energy is attributed to poor lifestyle. Poor nutrition, overindulging in alcohol or caffeine, lack of exercise and poor sleeping habits and stress are among the top causes of the lack or absence of energy in the body.  Any of these can surely keep you down.

Don't let your food and lifestyle let you down. It's vital to eat well to cope with today's stresses and hectic schedules. Often simple changes to the type of food you eat and the timing of your meals can make a difference.

Here the energy drainers and the reasons why you should avoid them:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is not harmful when taken in moderation.  Drinking just enough alcoholic drinks that your body needs everyday helps to keep you healthy, but consuming too much can have a bad effect on your health.  Too much alcohol interferes with your sleep.  It depletes the B vitamins that provide your body with energy and it also has a bad effect on you intestinal walls and pancreas.  Alcohol has a bad influence on your productivity because it almost always takes you down the day after you drink too much.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine temporarily boosts your energy when you take it, but when its stimulating effect s gone that energy fades away.   It also carries other negative effects like irritability, nervousness and hyper acidity which cause stomach pains.

3. Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition comes in when is not sufficient for your body's health.  Poor health means lack of loss of energy and vigor.  Taking supplements in the place of natural foods is not the right way to nourish your body.  Dieting and eating improper foods to lose weight is not good for your health either.

5.  Skipping Breakfast

Going out without eating breakfast is an energy sapper.  Skipping breakfast decreases your ability to concentrate.  You could perform better in the morning when you regularly eat breakfast before reporting for work.  Overall, breakfast makes you healthier.  It also helps you to avoid consuming unhealthy mid-morning snacks which your body can't convert into energy.

6. Being Overweight

Being overweight is just like carrying an extra baggage wherever you go.  It is surely tiring.  If you are at least 10 kilos over the standard weight for your height and age, you should already address the issue before it becomes a problem.

8.  Lack of sleep

Sleep is the special time that energy is restored to your tired body and mind.  Deprive your body of it, and realize how important rest is for your well-being.

Strive to get a good sleep each night and stay fresh and alert all day.


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