A healing meditation is a form of healing which is practiced by connecting the body and mind.  It doesn't use medicines and herbs in the process. It's actually a journey which uses the mind to visualize situations that can give a self-healing effect.  And it only occurs when your mind, body and spirit work together to create a balance of thought and great sense of well-being.

An effective healing meditation helps to heal problem areas of your body.  It is also known to known to restore vigor, energy and health to a body that has become sick and weary due to stress and other factors.

Here is one form of meditation that might help to give your whole being the power to rejuvenate:

1. Go to a quiet place and spend time by yourself.  Put yourself in the most relaxed position, close your eyes and start to focus on your body; 

2. Now, begin to think that a warm, healing light is slowly filling your body from your feet moving upwards, feel its warmth and feel that the light is relaxing your muscles and mind;

3. Shift your attention to the areas in your body where there is pain or discomfort.  Visualize dark spots surrounding your sores or unhealthy areas, and feel the light move until your whole body becomes full of light;

4. With relaxed muscles and mind, feel your body radiate the light out from your eyes like a beam.  Direct that light from your eyes to the dark shadows that surround the aching or sick parts of your body;

5. Feel that the light that's directed to the sick areas is a healing light that removes the pain which is represented by the dark shadow surrounding it;

6. Tell your body that you are the filling it with healing light and fill it with warmth that heals the pain and discomfort brought by your ailing part;

7. Now, its time to think that you're radiating your healing light to the world.  This time, you should think and believe that that light has brought you back to energy and health.

8. Claim it.  Tell yourself that perfect health has just been made available to you.


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