Essential oils are the aromatic natural extracts from plants.  They contain the healing power of the plant from which they were extracted.  They have plenty of natural health benefits and they have a wide range of healing properties which can protect you from lots of ailments.  Additionally, they carry lesser risks of side effects than synthetic drugs.

Use essential oils correctly and enjoy its health benefits.  Here are the eight most popular ways to use essential oils for healing:

1. Handy Cold Healer

Put one drop of your favorite essential oil on your handkerchief and add eucalyptus on it. Sniff it when necessary.  This will help to relieve you from the bad effects of cold.

2. Inhaler
Pour hot water into a bowl and add two or three drops of your chosen essential oil into it.  With your head approximately 8 feet above the bowl, use a towel to cover your head and the bowl then breathe in the vapors.  Be sure to keep your eyes closed as you do this.

3. Massage Oil

The most common application of essential oils is to use it as oil for massaging various body parts.  Mix 15 to 30 drops of essential oils with 50 milliliters of carrier oil.  Using essential oils with massage is a great way of relaxing the muscles.  The effects of massage are very beneficial to your health.  It enhances metabolism, improve circulation, alleviate physical and mental fatigue, reduce stress and stimulate your system to excrete your body wastes.

4. Bathing Oil

Bathing with essential oils is an effective way to relieve body aches and stress.  You need to buy a ready to use blend for this.  Follow its directions for use otherwise use eight drops of the oils to mix with your bath.  You should keep the door closed to hold the aroma in the room while you soak.  Spend at least 10 minutes in the bath.  This should make you feel relaxed.

5• Shower Scrub

You can also use essential oils for shower.  After you have rinsed, pour aromatic blend onto a sponge and rub it all over your body while you stand under the shower.

6. Hand Conditioner

Give your hands or feet a soothing treat by soaking it a basin of water mixed with two to three drops of healing essential oil for about 10 minutes.

If you have athletes foot, use two to three drops of tea tree oil and follow the same conditioning procedure for your hands.

7. Air Freshener

Essential oils are natural air fresheners which fill your room with aroma and relieve you from the effects of coughs and colds.

Pour 300 milliliters of warm water into a plant sprayer then add to it four drops of your favorite essential oil.  Spray it lightly across the room.

8. Toddlers’ Cold Reliever

Healing essential oils can help to relieve children from blocked nose due to colds.  Put boiling water into a bowl and add two to three drops of eucalyptus essential oils to it then place the bowl at the head of your child’s bed.  If your child is still a baby, put the bowl in the middle of the bed.  This will help to clear your child’s airways and make his or her breathing easier.


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