Depression is another energy sapper that has affected the lives of many people.  Research shows that one in ten people experience depression at some point in their lives, but only a few were bold enough to seek professional help.  One of the reasons is the fact that most people are not aware that depression has hit them because they don’t know the signs.  Here are some warning signs of depression that you need to know.  These will help to get the problem addressed promptly should you or people close to you manifest these indications.

1. Weight gain or loss

Depression can either drive a person to lose interest in food or make him turn to food to express his desire for emotional help.  This can lead to weight loss or gain.

2. Sleep Problems

Another possible indication for depression is a sudden change in a person’s sleeping habits.  A person who is experiencing anxiety would either lose his ability to fall asleep or he might feel sleepy all day.

3. Aches and pains

Not everyone knows that depression can come with physical symptoms such as stomach aches or body pains.  A depressed person is also prone to suffer from colds and flu more frequently because his depressed state weakens his immune system.  This can lead to the onset of other chronic health problems.

4. Anger and irritability

Depression has the ability to alter your mood.  It can give you the feeling of extreme frustration which can be mistaken as pure anger.  You need to take note that if you are angered even for the smallest of reasons, it can be an indication of an underlying depression.

5. Alcoholism

According to studies, 40 percent of depressed people are struggling with alcoholism.  Others resort to drugs to get temporary relief.  These can lead to liver damage which can make your health even worse.

6. Concentration problems

Depression can sometimes take in the form of difficulty to concentrate.  Try to evaluate yourself.  If you find it hard to establish your thoughts coherently, or if it takes you three times longer to perform your usual tasks, you might be suffering from symptoms of depression.

7. Sudden change of work habits

Depression can manifest in the sudden change in your work habits.  Depression is an energy sapper.  It can make you feel too tired to get out of bed in the morning because of its negative effect on your ability to sleep.  It can also lead you to become a habitual absentee and an unproductive member of your team or office.

8. Loss of interest in sex

Loss of sexual drive is one of the manifestations of depression.  You should consider this seriously because this can lead you to guilt feelings, insecurity and self-disgust.  These feelings can make you more depressed.

These are the eight warning signs of depression.  Knowing them can do you good because it will enable you to seek professional help once you can see the manifestations.  Just be honest with yourself, it can help you to get you back on track.