For yoga beginners, you might wonder what you are going to get from yoga poses that others seem to enjoy doing.  You might also be worried about many things when you contemplate of joining a yoga class.  This includes your physical limitations, its effect on your lifestyle, changes in your diet and so on.  In short, you are in doubt whether you will enjoy doing yoga or not.

These should not bother you at all.  Doubt is a natural feeling when you are about to do a thing with an unknown element. Just get the best of what you can to learn it and you will see for yourself whether it is beneficial or a waste of time.

Many people who practice yoga claim that it has some health benefits.  They assert that it helps to relieve stress and back pain, improve flexibility and digestion and bring inner peace.

Here are seven tips that can help you to maximize the benefits of yoga:

1. Stay focused.

Yoga is a discipline that unifies your body, mind and spirit.  It affects you on a physical, mental and emotional level.  It requires you to concentrate and stay focused on what is going on in your body.  It needs you to be aware of your thoughts and energy levels.

2. Be Gentle with yourself.

As a beginner, you might find that your body is too stiff to perform certain poses.  You don’t have to push yourself too far to do these things at once, and you don’t need to be disappointed with yourself for your limitations.  Be gentle with yourself. Relax.  It takes time to train those muscles to become supple.

3. Breathe correctly.

Correct breathing is one of the main focuses of yoga.  It helps to improve your concentration, oxygenate your cells and improve the function of the major organs of your body, including your brain

4. Smile.

Flash a smile as you release energy from your yoga poses.  It helps to release anti-stress hormones to improve your mood and make you happy.

5. Listen to your body.

Yoga movements are made to allow your body to send a message to your brain.  This will help to let you know what your body is saying, such as feeling warmth, coldness or a tingling sensation in certain areas of your body.  You have to practice yoga more often to be able to internalize and understand what your body is trying to tell you.

6. Give feedback.

One of the things you need to do as a new yoga participant is to talk to your teacher and give him feedback of your yoga experience.  Let him know what you feel and make him aware of the poses you enjoy or found difficult.  This can help to give your teacher an idea of what suits you best.

7. Give Thanks.

After each yoga session, you should spend a few moments to reflect and thank your mind, body and spirit for the experience.  You might not be able to know inner peace at this point, but as you practice yoga more often, you will learn to still your mind and listen to on other but your inner self.