Bad cholesterol is one of the major contributors of cardiovascular diseases and it is one of the most common health threats in the world.

Medical science has formulated and manufactured drugs that help to lower cholesterol levels, but they also come with side effects.  These include tiredness, irritability, muscle pain, liver inflammation and memory loss.

This is the reason why many people resorted to natural ways of preventing the accumulation of bad cholesterol.  Studies also showed that the natural ways of lowering cholesterol have a higher success rate of preventing heart attacks than the drugs prescribed by medical professionals.

Here are seven natural ways to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body:

1. Eat healthy foods and avoid fats

Eat healthy foods, especially those that are rich in fiber.  They help to lower bad cholesterol.  Avoid trans fats and saturated fats and replace them with good fats such as olive oil or omega 3 from fish.

2. Exercise regularly

Engaging in at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily can help to reduce bad cholesterol and increase your body’s good cholesterol level.  Lack of exercise on the other hand, leads to the accumulation of fats which can cause weight gain or obesity.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

Your weight is an indication of the amount of cholesterol in your body.  Overweight people have high bad cholesterol levels.  You should know your ideal weight for your height, sex and age in order to determine the weight that you need to target and maintain. This will help you to avoid foods which cause your weight to increase.

4. Avoid sweets and sugary foods

Avoid sweets and sugary foods because they can raise cholesterol production.  They can also lead to many negative effects like weight gain, tooth decay and brain fog.

5. Drink coffee and alcohol moderately

Coffee and alcohol can also contribute to the increase of bad cholesterol levels in the body.  You should drink them in moderation and drink plenty of water instead.

6. Don’t smoke

Smoking is one of the primary causes of heart diseases, strokes and respiratory ailments.  You should avoid this habit because it can cause hardening of your arteries which can lead to heart attack.  If you are a smoker, you should kick the habit and start to live a healthy lifestyle.

7. Avoid too much stress

Stress can affect the normal function of your system, and this can often lead to your body’s inability to remove unwanted cholesterol.  You should find ways to avoid stress.  Take time to exercise, relax, meditate or get some sun.  These are ways to reduce stress – these can also help you to shed off those bad cholesterol which a threat to your health.