After a hectic schedule or after accomplishing a project or a report which has kept you busy the week, it is not a bad idea to treat yourself and your loved ones to a meal in a cozy restaurant.  Giving yourself a “big treat” every once in a while would not be of much a health concern.  But if you dine regularly in restaurants, it would no longer be beneficial as the effect of those delicious dishes would surely pile up on your weight.

Restaurants are made to offer tasty, mouth-watering foods which may not be too healthy over the long term.  If you are a regular restaurant diner, you need to know the six of the ways to eat healthy when you’re dining out.  These are:

1. Have sauces and dressings served separately

As much as possible, choose restaurants that allow separate servings of sauces and dressings.  This will allow you to avoid excessive fats and calories which most sauces and dressings contain.  Also take note that tomato-based sauce is more nutritious than cream-based sauce because it is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant which is believed to help prevent prostate cancer.

2. Have it your way

Sometimes, you are forced to eat unhealthy restaurant foods because that’s what your friends want.  You should not fall under the pressure of others when it comes to health and nutrition.  It’s your body that you’re taking care of and it’s not them who will bear the negative consequences the foods you eat.  Whenever you dine out with friends, always remember to eat the foods which are good for you.  Your friends will learn to accept your taste after a few occasions.

3. See the menu in advance

If you have an idea where your group is going to eat, always check the restaurant’s menu before actually going there.  This will help you to make the healthiest choices.  Try to contact the restaurant for an advance menu. If the restaurant has a website, you can also check it out it for your healthy choice.

4. Minimize appetizers

Many restaurants offer appetizers while they are still preparing your main meal in the kitchen.  If you’re going to eat a full meal, you don’t really need to take appetizers because some of these can contain extra carbohydrates and fats which are not good for your health.

5. Stay away from “eat all you can” restaurants

Many people prefer to dine at “eat all you can” restaurants because they offer unlimited quantity on a smorgasbord of foods for a fixed price.  This type of restaurant is a good place to go for people who are extremely hungry, but some of their foods might not be too good for people who are health and weight conscious.  This type of restaurant is a good option when you’re in a budget, but you should avoid eating here too frequently as it might affect your health.

6. Avoid starving yourself before dining out

Many people avoid eating for hours before a feast or a dining out affair.  This is a very common practice that everyone has probably experienced.  You don’t have to starve yourself before going out for a meal in the restaurant; your hunger will drive you to choose foods which are more satiating but less healthy.