Juicing is one of the ways achieve good health. It has plenty of benefits including an increased vitamins and minerals intake while eating less, a reduced need for energy for digestion, and a good supply of the body’s nutritional and energy needs which helps to eliminate your cravings for junk foods.

Here are six juicing tips that can deliver maximum benefits to your health:

1. Consider fruits or vegetables that you don’t usually eat.

Juicing fruits or vegetables that you don’t usually eat helps to make you avail of the vitamins and minerals that they contain. If the taste of these fruits or vegetables is not appealing to you, you can mask their flavor by using other components such as lemon, orange, or apple juice.

2. Consider juicing to relieve constipation.

Juicing can be an effective solution for constipation. You can do it by using Brussels sprouts, cabbage, fennel, fits, grapes, or papaya. Drinking the juice of these fruits or vegetables everyday can help to eliminate chronic constipation.

3. Do not include fruit pits when juicing whole fruits.

Lots of juicers are able to handle whole pieces of fruits. If you happen to own one which is capable of handling whole fruits, you should always remove their pits before putting the fruit into the juicer to protect it from possible damage. You also need to core apples and exclude their seeds when juicing because apple seeds have some cyanide content.

4. Be attentive to your body’s responses to the juice you drink.

You need to pay close attention to your body’s responses as you drink your juice; there may be some fruits or vegetables that your system can’t take. Nausea or upset stomach is among the indications that your body can’t take certain fruit or vegetable juices. If you notice these indications, try to identify the specific ingredient that triggered it. It is usually something that you rarely consume. You can also try to condition your body to that ingredient by drinking small amounts of that particular juice at the beginning.

5. Mask the juices of leafy greens with cucumber.

Cucumber is an ingredient that you can use to effectively mask the strong bitter taste of some dark leafy green vegetables.

6. As much as possible, try to mix fruits with fruits and vegetables with vegetables.

Combining fruits with fruits and veggies with veggies is a good juicing technique. Even though both are good for your health, your body uses different enzymes to break them down into nutrients. As much as possible, you should avoid mixing fruits and vegetables for better absorption and to make it easy on your digestive system. You can however use apples as natural sweeteners for your fruit or vegetable juices.

Juicing is a very effective method of getting the maximum health benefits of fruits and vegetables. You can use these tips to produce fruit and vegetable juices that work to maximize your health, nutrition, and energy.