Yoga is a very useful exercise that promises flexibility, strength, good health and peace of mind.  But engaging in yoga practice requires a serious consideration of many factors because you need to do it in a safe and proper way to reap and enjoy its benefits.

This article intends to give some important tips for yoga beginners to consider.  These can be of help in your desire to obtain health and inner happiness.

1. Talk to your doctor.

Before you enroll in a yoga class, you need to talk to your doctor to let him know of your plan.  You also need to tell him the type of yoga poses that you intend to practice and show him pictures of those so that he will know how it is done.  This can help to enable your doctor to evaluate the risks involved in the poses especially if you is have a history of high blood pressure, glaucoma, or heart problem.

2. Find a yoga class that suits your level.

As a beginner, there are many things that you need to learn about yoga, and these require you to attend a beginner’s class.

When you register, take time to talk to your yoga teachers and ask them to help you decide which level of difficulty you should join in.

You should stay in the beginner’s class until you learn to perform the yoga poses with ease.  You should also take note that learning yoga is a continuous yet gradual process. You should not try to perform advanced yoga poses without making sure that your body has the flexibility to execute them.

3. Consider your limitations.

Yoga is intended to give you physical and mental relaxation, but it can cause injury if you or anyone pushes you to perform exercises that your body cannot handle.

As a beginner, you should consider your abilities and limitations, and let your instructor know them.  It can help to keep you away from injuries.

4. Consider alternatives if yoga classes are not available.

There are some places where yoga classes are not available, and your locality might be one of those.  If this is the case, consider setting up a home program by using instructional videos and online audio programs.

But if you are not comfortable with instructional videos and yoga classes, consider hiring a private instructor, at least while you are at the beginning stage.  You can find good private instructors in yoga studios that offer private programs.

5. Find a partner.

Learning yoga becomes more enjoyable if you do it with someone who shares your passion.

6. Know when to practice yoga.

You can actually practice yoga anytime of the day, but the most appropriate time to do it is two hours after a meal.  You should perform yoga when your stomach is not full and you are not hungry either.  It can help you to concentrate better.