Eating green leafy vegetables is one of the primary requirements to keep us healthy and full of energy and vitality.

But even if eating vegetables is a necessity for optimum health, many people don’t really like to eat them.  This is one of the reasons why nutrition and health experts invented a way to make them more likeable to humans, and they do it by extracting the liquid or juices from the vegetables with the use of an appliance called juicer.  The juice is then made available for drinking as the pulps are left behind.

Here are some of the most important health benefits of drinking green juice:

1. It helps to facilitate absorption of nutrients.

Ingesting vegetables in the form of juice is the easier and faster way to absorb all of their nutrients and without the need to expend too much energy to digest them.  By juicing, the need to digest the vegetables is eliminated.  Your system only needs to absorb the nutrients for you.

2. It helps to make you eat more greens at once.

You might not be able to eat one whole vegetable in one sitting, but you can probably take it all in the form of juice.  Juicing also allows you to consume a combination of two or three kinds of vegetables all at once.

3. It helps to give us plenty of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the building block of life.  It is responsible for making the earth green with vegetation.  It helps humans by increasing the flow of oxygen to all the parts of the body.  This can result in the reduction of toxins and stress and keeping our bodies protected from harmful organisms that cause diseases.

4. It helps to provide us with majority of trace minerals that our body needs.

Trace minerals are substances that our bodies require in small quantities, but these have to be taken from external sources because our bodies don’t have the capability to produce them internally.

Drinking green juice is a great way to provide our bodies with essential minerals that help to keep us feeling great and protected from lots of diseases.

5. It helps to provide us with enzymes that our bodies need to expel toxins.

Vegetables are loaded with enzymes that can help us in our digestion and detoxification process.  But we have no way of getting these enzymes by cooking the vegetables.

We need to consume vegetables in the raw to get their enzymes.  One sure way to maximize our enzyme levels is to drink vegetable juice everyday.

6. It helps to improve the taste of greens.

The good part of juicing greens is you can improve its taste and make it more palatable.  You can make vegetable juice taste better by sweetening it with apples and carrots.