Fatigue is a condition which is characterized by the profound loss or lack of physical energy which can lead to mental exhaustion.  It is not a disease but it is an indication that your body needs rest and sleep.

But there are times that you just don’t feel revitalized even if you give yourself enough time to recharge.  Persistent or chronic fatigue is an indication that something more serious is going on in your body.  You should not allow this to happen; it can deprive you of living a good life that you deserve to enjoy.

There are a lot of ways to prevent fatigue from getting the better of you.  You should know them so that you can avoid its impact on your desire to make the best of yourself.  Here are the top 6 factors that help to beat fatigue:

1. Sufficient Sleep

You need enough sleep to beat fatigue.  It is your body’s way of putting itself together again after a day of physical and mental activity and stress.  When your body rests, it replenishes the energy that you lost in your waking moments, revives your muscles and revitalizes your mind and body for another day ahead.

In order to get sufficient sleep, you need to develop a healthy sleeping pattern such as going to bed and waking up at the same times.

2. Less Stress

Stress is one of the most common contributors of fatigue.  It saps you of energy, wears you out and gets you out of shape.  There are several factors that can cause stress.  These include work, relationships, an unfulfilling job and debt.  You can beat stress by identifying its main cause.  Once you have identified your stressor, you should take measures to resolve the situation.

Do not wallow on your stress.  Avoid stressful situations and try out some relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or having a massage.

3. Healthy Diet

Everybody knows that healthy diet is your body’s main source of energy and nutrition.  An improper diet can make you fatigued and lacking in vitality.  Your brain can’t function at its best if you don’t supply it with nourishing foods.

You should eat healthy meals at their designated times. This will keep you up physically and mentally.  It also sustains your energy and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

4. Balanced Lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle will keep you away from fatigue.  You should have a good balance of work, family, friends and other aspects of your life in order to find time for yourself and to relax.  Having a hectic lifestyle can rob you of your time to sleep, rest and relax.  You should learn to slow down and take things easy.  This can help you to beat fatigue.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise and physical activity is another way to effectively enhance your energy levels. Exercise makes you fit physically and mentally, and it helps to improve your mood.

6. Sufficient Water Intake

You may not know it, but drinking enough water can help to keep you free from the feeling of tiredness.  You normally need about two liters of water per day to make your body and brain function properly.  You should drink enough water to optimize the performance of you brain and body and to avoid brain fog and fatigue.