Exercise is an activity that is capable of giving us plenty of health benefits, but it is also filled with lots of myths that refuse to die. These speculations have already been busted by experts but they just continue to stay on to spoil the notions of many people.

Here are some exercise myths that persist despite the fact that they have already been invalidated:

1. Stretching is necessary before exercising because it prevents injury.

Many people still believe that stretching before exercising is a great way to prevent injuries. This is one of the most prevalent beliefs among gym goers and exercise enthusiasts. However, there is no scientific proof that says stretching is an effective way to avoid post-workout injuries.

It is actually warming up that reduces your chances of getting injured during a workout. Many people confuse stretching for warming up. It is the reason why this myth exists.

2. Low intensity workouts burn more calories than high intensity exercises.

This is another misconception. High intensity workouts actually burn more calories than low intensity workouts. High intensity exercises also burn more carbohydrates than fats.

3. Heart rate monitors are an effective measure of your workout intensity.

Your heart rate can never be a good indication of the intensity of your workout. You can measure the intensity of your exercise by your own sense of exertion.

4. Health supplements are the best source of nutrients for people who are working out.

Nutritional supplements do have lots of health benefits to all people including those who are engaged in regular exercises. However, they are mere supplements and they are not meant to take the place of regular foods which are the real sources of your nourishment.

Supplements are inferior to natural food sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but they do help a lot because they can help to make sure that you are getting the complete nutrients that you need for energy and health.

5. The gym is the only place that can provide you with the best exercise regimen.

The gym may be able to provide you with the equipment and motivation, but it is not always the best place that can provide you with the best exercise. There are lots of outdoor exercises that can provide you with the same or better health benefits than exercising indoors. Outdoor exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling or playing sports are fulfilling activities that can help to make your body fit, strong and flexible, and your mind relaxed. They are also cost-effective.

6. Sports drinks are an essential part of your workout.

Sports drinks are not necessary when you are engaged in regular workouts. Drinking plain water before and during low to medium intensity exercise would be sufficient to keep you hydrated.

Sports drinks are not actually a necessity unless you are competing for a marathon. They also contain plenty of calories which may not be good especially if you are exercising to lose weight.

These are some of the most common misconceptions about exercise. Knowing them can help you to drop unnecessary practices which you thought were necessary components of the regimen.


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