Habits refer to the patterns of behavior that are recurrent and often unconscious. There are acquired through frequent repetition. They are classified into two types: good and bad habits. Good habits are worth keeping. They are the ones that your parents and teachers want you to develop and practice in life.

But bad habits are the ones that people don’t like to see. Some of them even have some sort of influence over our outlooks and decisions. What’s worse about it is that we keep on repeating them over and over and sometimes, we don’t even realize that they are bad.

There is no magic formula to break bad habits, and only a few people who had attempted to break them had actually succeeded. But there are bad habits that you can break to make you life a bit easier. Here are some of them:

1. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is most often driven by fear of failure. Perfection is hard to achieve, yet there are people who want to get it only to realize that they can’t. This paralyzes them because they find anything less than perfect hard to to accept. It is not wise to strive for the impossible. A good habit to develop would be to strive to do the best you can and fix any errors as you go.

2. Being Too Serious

Extreme seriousness could not allow you to see the lighter side of things. You should take things with a light attitude without getting too attached to it. Smile, things will get lighter when you do.

3. Negative Self-talk

That unseen critic that always puts you down when you do or plan to do something is eating up your self-confidence. Self deprecating words can do nothing to keep you on the fight track and your negativity can only make you indecisive. They often lead you to commit mistakes.

4. Valuing Yourself Based on What Other People Think of You.

Other people’s opinions can help in certain situations, but you should not value yourself on what other people think of you. Getting feedback is important because it can help you to gauge yourself, but you should not get influenced by their opinions about you. Take control of your life and don’t base your actions and decisions on what pleases other people. Live your life based on what you want to make of it and not how people want you to be.

5. Oversleeping

Sleeping is important for physical and mental alertness. We need to sleep to recharge and replenish the energy that we expended during our waking hours. But it is important to note that just the right amount of sleep is needed to make us function normally. Too much sleep can actually make people groggy and tired. You only need to sleep between six and eight hours per night to be productive and energized. Anything more than that can be counter-productive.

6. Negativity

Negativity is an energy sucker. All the negative talk and treatment you give to a situation can only make people tired and lacking in motivation to act. You should avoid negative people. They can suck off your energy and bring you down with their outlook of hopelessness.

These are the six bad habits that you need to shed off your life. Keeping yourself free from them can help to make you a more likeable person with better potentials succeed and win many friends.


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