Exercise is an essential element of good health and sense of well-being. Everyone needs to engage in any form of physical activity to be able to stay physically and mentally alert. It helps to promote circulation, enhance the body’s oxygen supply, relieve stress, and strengthen your muscles. It also works to fortify your immune system and lower your risk from stroke, heart diseases, and other health problems.

You know you need to exercise even if you have a hectic schedule. You really need to make it a regular part of your daily life in order to live longer. One of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your life is to make it part of your daily activities.

Here are five activities that can help to make you exercise without really trying:

1. Walk on purpose.

Even if you drive a car to your office, you can still do some walking by parking at the far end of the parking lot. This can help to exercise you on your way to the office and back from the office to your car.

When you want to discuss something with your boss or a co-worker in another department, try to approach him or her in person instead of grabbing your phone to talk to him or her about it. This can help to strengthen your interpersonal relationships with other people in your company aside from the exercise benefit that you get from it.

2. Use the stairs.

Take time to exercise by taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Make it a habit to climb stairs when you have the chance. It can help to strengthen your heart muscles, improve your respiratory system, and give you a sense of natural high that only exercise can give.

3. Spend time to play with your kids or pets.

Take advantage of your little slack time after work or dinner to play with your kids or pet. You can take your kids out for a little walk, play ball or dance with them. If you own a pet especially a dog, you can also play with it so that both of you can exercise and have some fun and bonding moments.

5. Do a lot of housework.

There are plenty of house chores that can give you a way to exercise your body. These include sweeping, vacuuming, washing your car, polishing the floor, watering the plants, and dusting the shelves. These are all good exercises which also help to make you productive at home.

Sometimes, you don’t really need to hit the road to run or go to the gym to workout. There are many ways to exercise, burn fats, and sweat it out without really trying. These can help to keep you fit while staying productive at the same time. But it is always good to dedicate time for exercise. It’s an investment that is sure to pay off in the near future.


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