Your bones make up the framework of your body.  It is especially important for people to have healthy bones.  They play a very important role in keeping your body strong, energized and protected from injuries.   Healthy bones also help to keep you away from the risk of osteoporosis.  Bone health is essential for energy, strength and good physical form.

Here are five tips which can help to give you healthy bones:

1. Get enough calcium and vitamin D

Calcium is a vital nutrient which helps to build young bones and strengthen them as well.  Vitamin D is equally important because it facilitates the absorption of calcium.  Adult men and women need about 1,200 milligrams of calcium and at least 500 international units of vitamin D everyday.  This will help to keep your bones healthy.  Natural food sources of calcium include cottage cheese, low fat milk, spinach and salmon.  You can get natural vitamin D from the sun and some food sources.

2. Take calcium supplements

Taking calcium supplements help to ensure that you get sufficient amounts of calcium everyday.  Calcium and vitamin D supplements are easily available over the counter.  But you need to consult your doctor before taking any supplement.  This will help to give you their maximum benefits without the risk of overdose.

3.  Exercise

Exercise is one of your body's most important needs to keep your bones healthy and strong. A daily 30-minute exercise that involves simple weight lifting can do wonders for the development of strong bones.  Walking for 30 minutes a day can also help to stimulate your body to develop healthy bones.

4. Avoid smoking

Smoking can cause adverse effects to the health of your bones. because of the nicotine contained in cigarettes.  It can hamper bone growth and make them brittle and weak.

5. Talk to your doctor for advice

Ensure the health of your bones by talking to a medical professional who can advise you how to make your bones healthy and strong.  A bone density examination is also a good way to determine if you are at risk of osteoporosis.  Ask your doctor for more details about this process.

These are the five tips which can help you to get healthy bones.  They can help to ensure the health of your bones and keep you protected from the risks of osteoporosis.


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