Anxiety is a state of uneasiness, a feeling of worry or nervousness about an event which is uncertain.  It is an energy sapper which drains vigor from our bodies and steals the liveliness from our mental state. 

Anxiety that can go too far can trigger other health problems such as heart diseases and high blood pressure.  It can even lead a person to indulge in drugs, alcohol or overeating.  It is very important to avoid stress in order to maintain the balance of your life.  Here are some of the ways that can help to reduce your anxiety:

1. Identify your stress factors

The first thing you should do to avoid stress is to identify your stress factors.  Each person reacts to events in different ways.  You can be stressed about something which is not stressful to others.  You should identify the things that can stress you out and find ways to overcome them.

2. Exercise regularly

Engage in regular exercises like jogging, walking or bicycling.  Mental exercises like yoga and meditation can also help to keep you relaxed.  Exercise also helps to stimulate circulation.  This invigorates your cells and helps to stimulate your brain to release "feel good" hormones which reduces your anxiety.

3. Appreciate the beauty of nature

Beautiful scenes and peaceful and quiet spots are among the best places to go to relax your mind.  Standing at the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean, listening to the rippling brook at the base of a mountain or feeling the fine white sand beneath your feet at the beach are things that can help to keep you away from the troubles of this world.  You should take time to appreciate nature.  You will achieve inner peace when you feel close to the earth.

4. Listen to beautiful music

Music is the language of the soul.  It can stir your emotions and it can also bring you to a relaxed state.  You can relieve your stress with soothing music.  It can even give you better results if you combine it with meditation.

5. Socialize with friends

Sometimes, stress will disappear when you simply tell it to someone who is willing to listen.  People are social creatures and we need the company of other people in most of our daily activities, including finding solutions to our personal problems.  Your friends can do a lot in your life.  They can inspire you, they can give you free advise, they can help to make you laugh and lift up your spirits, and they can provide you company during difficult times.


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