Meditation is a wonderful way to achieve inner peace.

If you practice daily meditation, a positive state of mind will gradually develop to change your outlook in life.  It can help to relieve you from stressful thoughts that can affect your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your co-workers and other people.

It is a way to free yourself from the troubles of this world, to pacify your spirit and to give yourself a sense of relief from the chaos and confusions of life.

You should learn to develop the habit of meditating for at least 15 minutes as you wake up early in the morning.  It can help you to experience inner peace.

In this article, we would like to introduce five simple forms of meditation to help you relax and flow easy with life.  These meditations are:

1. Breath Meditation

This is the easiest way to start the habit of meditating.  In this technique, you will focus mainly on the natural flow of your breath and the sensation that it brings to your being.  It can help to make you aware of the other parts of your body that need attention.

2. Stillness in the Breath Meditation

This is a variation of the breath meditation, and you can do this once you learn to follow your breath for longer periods.  It starts with the breath meditation, but if you can focus your breath for longer periods, you will learn to develop awareness of inner stillness.  This can help to give you an experience of inner peace.

3. Nature Meditation

As its name implies, this meditation is performed outdoors, with nature as all around you.  This meditation helps to awaken your relationship with the world, and as you see flowers and trees, hear the sound of birds and feel the gentle breeze, you will become aware that your life needs to be in perfect harmony with nature.

4. Sitting Meditation

As the name suggests, this meditation technique requires you to sit in a quiet place far away from distractions and disturbances.

As you assume a comfortable sitting position, you should control you mind and not let it wander freely. Breathe naturally and observe each inhalation and exhalation and feel the air touching your nostril, the middle of your chest and your abdomen.

This meditation helps to calm delusive thoughts and to manifest your true nature.  It also helps to put your mind and body in harmony.  It refreshes your spirit and gives you renewed energy.

5. Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is one of the most common methods of mind development in Buddhism.  It was developed by Buddha himself and it is still practiced up to this day because of the physical and mental health benefits that it carries.

One of the advantages of walking meditation is its ability to bring your meditative experience into activity.



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