Because times are tough and things are uncertain, many people cannot help but feel anxious about many things in their lives.

Anxiety is a nervous disorder that triggers feelings of uneasiness, worry, apprehension or nervousness towards an event or an indeterminate outcome.  It is an energy sapper which makes people physically and mentally weak.

A person who is preoccupied with unrelenting worries and fears loses his ability to make sound decisions, and these feelings, if not properly addressed, can lead to depression which is more difficult to overcome.

There a lot of ways to prevent anxiety from setting in and getting into your nervous system, and one of these is exercise.  There are lots of exercises that are relaxing for the mind.  They help to ease your tension and relieve you from your worries and apprehensions.

You don’t need to spend hours on them because a few minutes of these exercises can already help to cast away your worries and fears.  They foster circulation and fill your body and brain cells with oxygen to make you physically and mentally alert.  They also stimulate the release of endorphins to make you feel good and refreshed.

Here are the simple exercises that can help to deter anxiety:

1. Breathing Exercises

Engaging in breathing exercises helps to keep you in control of your body’s inhalation and exhalation process.  Since anxiety triggers rapid breathing or hyperventilation, it is important to control your breaths.

To perform this exercise, close your eyes and breathe in slowly.  Focus on the air that enters your body and envision the air that is filling your lungs.  Let the air stay in your body for as long as you can, then exhale slowly, thinking that your unpleasant thoughts and feelings are coming out of your body with the air you breathe out.

2. Walking

The mere act of walking exercises you physically as well as it helps to relieve you from anxious thoughts.  Aside from its being an exercise, it also takes you away from the place where you feel anxious.

Mornings are the best times to walk for exercise and relaxation, and the best places to do it are along the beach, on the boulevard or any other place with mood enhancing scenery.

3. Stretching

Stretching helps to make you feel relaxed because it increases blood flow.  It also fills your cells with oxygen and lowers the production of stress hormones in your body.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a 3,000-year-old Hindu discipline which is aimed at uniting the mind and body through meditation and engaging in exercises that involve various poses.  It helps to build strength, flexibility and breath control.  Many health experts and professionals believe the power of yoga to relieve anxiety and stress.

5) Taking a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath can give you an experience which helps to relieve anxiety.  It helps to relax your muscles as you rest peacefully in soothing warm water.


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