Most people use herbal supplements because they are made from plants and they are believed to be 100 percent natural and free from harmful side effects.

There are actually a lot of things that you need to know about herbal supplements. These can help to erase some incorrect information that you might have regarding them.

1. All Herbal products are natural.

Contrary to what many people believe, not all herbal products are pure and natural. Some of them are mixed with chemicals especially if their manufacturers run short of genuine herbs to produce them. You should bear in mind that it is possible for manufacturers to use synthetic chemicals when they run short of natural ingredients.

2. They have no side effects.

This is not true at all because a lot of herbal supplements contain mercury sulfide which is capable of causing damage to your kidneys and nerves. It is the same chemical that synthetic drug manufacturers use to produce cheap, low-grade antibiotics that are distributed in third world countries.

It’s a fact that herbs are nature’s healers, but you should also consider that they contain natural chemical components that can cause side effects.

3. They are guaranteed safe.

Herbal supplements are generally safe if taken in minimal quantities, but they can be extremely harmful if you take them in large amounts. An overdose of herbal supplements is not a remote possibility if you take them without the advice of professional herbalists.

You also need to seek professional advice before taking herbal supplements especially if you are under medication, are about to undergo surgery, or if you are a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother.

4. Natural herbs are hard to find.

This is another myth that you need to erase. There are many herbs that contain healing properties and you can find plenty of them in your own surroundings. It only takes sufficient knowledge of plants and their medicinal properties to find them right in your own backyard.

5. Natural Herbs only grow in forests.

Healing herbs can grow and thrive everywhere. Manufacturers who assert that plants with healing properties only grow in forests want to create an impression that the main ingredient for their product is hard to find. This can give them a reason to demand a higher price for their product.

These are some of the most important you need to know about herbs and their properties. Knowing them can help to erase some misleading myths that you thought were true.


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