Meditation is a mental exercise that helps to relax the body and mind. It relieves stress and it helps to free you from certain factors that bother you mentally.

It is a personal activity that has the ability to give a person solace of the mind and inner peace. It is not in conflict with any religion or religious beliefs and it can deliver lots of physical and mental health benefits.

Here are five good reasons why meditation is good for you:

1. It helps to improve heart health.

Meditation is a practice that promotes calmness and relief from stress. When you are calm and relaxed, your body’s systems including your heart rate and blood pressure are normal. Regular meditation cuts the risk of heart diseases in half, a study from England says.

2. It helps to lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be triggered by anxiety, worry, fear and other negative mental factors. All these negative feelings can be relieved by the regular practice of meditation which helps to promote calmness and lower blood pressure.

3. It helps to relieve stress and improve energy levels.

The functions of the major systems of your body improve when you are in a relaxed and calm state. Regular meditation has a beneficial impact on the mind as it helps to relive stress. The absence of stress reduces the release of stress hormones, keeps your nervous system normal and gives you more energy.

4. It helps to improve intelligence.

Meditation is a mental exercise that helps to promote mental clarity, focus and calmness of the mind, and one of its benefits is improved cognitive intelligence. According to a study conducted by the University of California in Los Angeles, regular meditation increases brain matter folding (gyrification) in the cerebral cortex which can result in improved intelligence and bigger brain size.

5. It helps to promote self awareness and reflection.

Regular practice of meditation influences changes in your outlook and thought processes. It can help to make you aware that peace and happiness can be found within. It helps to make you happy with yourself and what you have and this can help to improve self esteem.