Food and sleep are two of the most important factors that help to maintain our health and energy.  Most foods are good for the body and they contribute to our overall well-being.  But some of them are not ideal for eating especially before our sleeping times because they can interfere with our sleeping patterns.

Here are some of the foods that you should avoid before sleeping:

1. Preserved and Smoked Meats

Do not even think of eating ham sandwich when you go out for an evening snack.  Preserved meats like ham, bacon, sausage, and smoked meats are loaded with high levels of tyramine, an amino acid that stimulates the brain to release norepinephrine.  It is a substance that can keep you awake and alert even if you are lying in bed.

2. Chocolate

Chocolates are good especially when you need to get a boost in your mood and energy, and it can keep you awake and alert for long periods.  They contain caffeine, a stimulant that keeps your mind alert and drives drowsiness away.  Chocolates however, can be of help especially when you plan to stay up late into the night because you have a project to finish or you are studying for an upcoming examination.

3. Energy drinks

Energy drinks like Red Bull and Lipovitan contain caffeine and the amino acid taurine.  These are stimulants that boost alertness and adrenaline rush.  You should avoid taking energy drinks because they can affect your sleep even if their energy-boosting action is long gone from your body.

4. Tomato Sauce, Chili, Pizza, and Spicy Foods

These are acidic or spicy foods that can interfere with your sleeping patterns.  They can cause changes in your digestive activity.  They can also trigger acid reflux, gas pains, heartburn and other hyperacidity symptoms that can bother you when you try to sleep.

5. Alcoholic Drinks

Taking a few shots after dinner maybe a good way to relax before hitting the sack, but it can prevent you from achieving deep sleep because it can dehydrate you.  It can also rouse you from sleep because of an urgent desire to urinate.

Dry throat and extreme thirst are common signs of dehydration.  This can compel you to rise in the middle of the night to drink plenty of cold water.

Alcohol is also rich in tyrosine, a stimulant that keeps your brain awake even if you look sleepy.