Mental health is a state, a condition when a person has emotional and psychological well-being. 

You need to stay mentally healthy to be able to use your cognitive and emotional faculties.  This will enable you to meet the demands of everyday life.

Here are eight factors that can help to maintain your mental health:

1. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is about reassuring yourself that your mind is perfectly normal and you know who you are.  It helps you to recognize your own endowments and it gives you the faith that you have the ability to do things well. 

You are a self-confident person if you are not overly concerned of what other people say or think about you.  While some people react negatively to criticisms, you won't be bothered about it because you know who you really are.

2. A Healthy Romantic Relationship

A healthy romantic relationship refers to your freedom from being overly attached to the other person. 

A romantic relationship involves an emotional attachment to the other person.   It can affect your mental condition when your happiness depends on the affection you expect from your partner.    Most of these relationships are passing, but they will surely affect you when they come to an end.  It is difficult be involved in a romantic relationship without being unattached, but you should try to reach this stage in order to maintain you mental health even in the midst of a breakup.

3. Freedom from Anxiety and Depression

Your mind is not healthy if it is occupied by anxiety and depression.  You should understand that anxiety and depression are mental conditions that stem from worry and sometimes fear.  Take things easy and believe that your feelings are not permanent.  This can help to convince you that there's really no need to worry at all.  After all, worry can't help to solve your problems and it can't accomplish anything.  

4. Knowing that Anxiety and Depression Comes from Your Head

Anxiety and depression are results of too much thought and analysis.  They are indications that you are living much in your head than your real world at present.  Learn to live at the present.  Get out of the box.  Free your mind from too much thought as this is not good for your mental and physical health.

5. Happiness

Happiness is an emotional and mental state that you can obtain not by living in one corner of your mind but by living life to the fullest.  The knowledge that your life will end someday is enough to encourage you to live with a sense of purpose – to enjoy what you have accomplished and to share what you have with others.  This will give you a sense of fulfillment, happiness and a healthy mind.


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